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Curved spring washers are convex pre-stressed steel or stainless steel washers. Such Curved spring washers are placed under bolted connections and create a tension so that the bolted connection cannot become loose. This is what makes Curved spring washers so special.

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In this article we will deal purely with the Curved spring washers. Metal Curved spring washers belong to the large group of locking elements. This disc is one of the special locking elements available on the market. Here we would like to discuss the following points concerning Curved spring washers. On the one hand, we would like to take a closer look at the characteristics and application of these Curved spring washers and also at the different materials from which they can be made. Another important point is also the construction of such Curved spring washers and of course, as always, the manufacturing process. Let's start with this product to introduce the different materials. The standard material used for Curved spring washers is actually always bright or nickel-plated spring steel. This can be easily installed in almost all technical equipment and machines and is a cost-effective product to ensure the safety of screw connections. The second material option is the use of stainless steel Curved spring washers in all indoor and outdoor applications. Here the Metarial V2A or even V4A is always used. V2A Curved spring washers are usually sufficient, but if these washers are to be used on boats and yachts, we always recommend the use of V4A Curved spring washers. These are resistant to salt water and all chemicals such as alkalis and acids. Now we come to the assembly of Curved spring washers made of stainless steel. These are actually designed externally in a similar way to a bent washer, but with one major difference. These Curved spring washers are made of spring steel, which has a bent shape, so that the head of the screw acts against the Curved spring washers force when tightening and flattens the washer. What has now been created is a condition in which the head of the screw or the nut where this Curved spring washers is placed underneath is under constant pre-tension. This state is only reached because the compression of the Curved spring washers is connected with a very high force. Basically, the function of a Curved spring washers is that it should initiate a torque opening force when the screw or nut is to undergo opening. Be it through a manual opening with a tool or either through an unintentional opening due to a permanent vibration or from shocks or light blows. This makes opening enormously more difficult because the constant pre-tension of the Curved spring washers can counteract this.

Our stock program of Curved spring washers - buy online in our online shop

Curved Spring Washers Stainless Steel V2A V4AWe have now been able to give you some important examples of applications for curved spring washers, so that you can understand the basic fundamental functions of curved spring washers. We have also been able to inform you about the structure of curved spring washers made of stainless steel or spring steel. Now the demand for curved spring washers is constantly increasing. This has an important reason, because the mechanical engineering industry is flourishing and the order situation is impressively good. At the same time, the use of steel curved spring washers has also increased because the demand in the private sector is also increasing. People have become more imaginative and also need more of these locking elements for their daily use. We have also been able to register this increased demand, because we offer you all common sizes of curved spring washers, which can be made of steel or stainless steel in V2A or V4A. This was not always the case, because in the beginning we did not have any curved spring washers made of steel or stainless steel in our assortment, but we quickly received inquiries from our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe, who also wanted to buy curved spring washers with their order on our website. We have taken this circumstance and found a supplier who can supply us with a sufficient quantity of curved spring washers where the quality is also right. So we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their curved spring washers cheaply through our online shop. The topic of safety is also a serious point that we do not want to ignore. Some time ago we decided to change the entire domain to a secure SSL connection. The advantage is that the data export from the online shop can no longer be accessed by third parties. This secures your entered data which you have stored when purchasing the curved spring washers. But let us also lose a few words, which makes it possible to buy your curved spring washers quickly and correctly via our online shop. In addition we may welcome you surely also, because you came over one of the search machines with the search word "curved spring washers" and found us. Now you have the possibility to look at all your needed products in peace and to put them in the shopping cart in the desired quantity. Once you have found all your curved spring washers, you now have the possibility to create your login with us. To do so, please enter your data and save it. If you now want to finish shopping, the shopping cart menu will guide you through the application and automatically lead you to the payment options. You then select these and confirm your purchase of your metal curved spring washers by your payment.

The production of Curved spring washers

Curved Spring Washers Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last section, as always, we also want to mention the production of curved spring washers. We think that the manufacturing process for each of the individual products must also be communicated to you, the customer, so that you know what the basic procedures are that lead to a fast and economical production of curved spring washers. Many people who install curved spring washers in your company every day know how to use and apply them, but unfortunately most of them know nothing about the production process. We would now like to give you an understanding of this process of manufacturing metal curved spring washers. Basically, spring washers have to be manufactured and produced in two production processes. The first stage of a manufacturing process consists of the main focus, the production of the disc itself. For this purpose, modern CNC machines are used today, which are loaded by means of a CNC program. This contains all the data and parameters that are important, such as feed rate and rotational speeds, and thus the changeover and set-up times themselves can be reduced to a minimum. Outside of these forming machines is the drum accumulator, which takes up the steel strip and feeds it as endless material into the forming machine. Once the machine is loaded for production and all parameters have been set, the steel strip can be loaded into the machine. Then the production starts where the first upper punching head can punch the first curved spring washers made of stainless steel or steel out of the material. This process is now repeated a thousand times until all metal strips are processed. In this punching process the curved spring washers are punched out of the material and pressed outside into the correct semicircular shape in the same production process. When all discs have now landed in the collecting tray, they can be collected and stored. Now the second partial production process of the curved spring washers takes place by hardening them in a hardening oven at a very high temperature. Here the hardening process is very important, because this process ensures later that the curved spring washers do not burst during use. Once this process is also completed, the last step is carried out. The storage of the finished curved spring washers in our warehouse. If we receive your order, we can deliver your curved spring washers to you promptly in the desired quantity.


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