Minimum order quantity

Again and again we get inquiries whether we can send even small quantities or smallest parts, which cost only a few cents to our customers. Unfortunately, we cannot fulfill this request, because we have costs like storage costs and employees. Imagine, we employ our employees to pick up and count a few screws per order worth only a few cents all day long. How should we then pay our employees at the end of the day?

For this reason we have introduced a minimum order value. Starting from a commodity value of 20 Euro you can send your order and we will send you the ordered goods.

Surcharge for small quantities

From the minimum order value of 20 euros just mentioned, if the article goods value is below the minimum order value, then the minimum quantity surcharge automatically applies. Up to the amount of 20 Euro we charge a minimum order surcharge of 15 Euro. If the minimum order value is reached, the minimum quantity surcharge is automatically waived.

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Hinweis / Note
Hinweis / Note