Turnbuckle Nuts

Turnbuckle nuts are nuts that connect two opposite turnbuckles. Then you can turn the turnbuckle nut and a right-hand thread and a left-hand thread clamp everything together. Turnbuckle nuts are usually made of stainless steel or steel.

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This article will deal with the important turnbuckle nuts, which play a serious role in many applications. Do you actually know all about such metal turnbuckles? If not, then we would like to shed some light on the exact design and also on the materials shipped. In the same scope we would like to go into detail about how turnbuckle nuts can be installed and which ones can be found in our stock range. Finally, in the last article we have summarized all the information regarding the production of turnbuckle nuts, so that you can also find out how a production can be carried out. We would like to start here with the exact structure of the two basic types of turnbuckles made of metal. On the one hand there is the nut, which is used as a cast turnbuckle nut. The second nut is a hexagonal nut, which has a thread on both sides and can be made of a solid material. Let us come to the cast iron lock nut. This is always constructed as a cage-like design. In plain language, this means that a cast body is manufactured in an elongated shape with two ribs that form the joint. On each side of the lock, there is a threaded hole. One has a right-hand thread, the other a left-hand thread. This allows two separate threaded rods to be screwed in from either side and clamped by the turnbuckle. The second form of a turnbuckle nut is the hexagon nut. As already mentioned, it has a through thread with a left-hand and a right-hand thread. Also with this turnbuckle, the nut has the possibility to take up a thread from both sides and to tighten them by turning both. The materials used are always cast steel or stainless steel. Both are important to be used in different fields of application. The stainless steel variation is also available in two versions. On the one hand it is the alloy V2A, which is completely sufficient in case of pure water contact, or the stainless steel variation V4A, which can also be used in the chemical industry, because it also defies acids and alkalis.

Our stock program of turnbuckle nuts - buy online in our Online Shop

Turnbuckle Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs turnbuckle nuts are used more and more often in the industry for bracing wooden beams in carports or other technical installations, the demand is naturally increasing every day and therefore the online shops must provide the necessary nuts in sufficient quantities. But not only the industry has discovered the turnbuckle nuts as an inexpensive connecting element for itself, but also the private areas, as in fence construction or as other elements. So we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of the world a fast and uncomplicated order and a favourable purchase via our online shop. So you as a customer have the possibility to order your stainless steel turnbuckle nuts or steel turnbuckle nuts quickly and easily via our domain. So that your purchase can be carried out safely, the subject of security is not unknown to us. So we thought about it and converted the whole domain to the secure SSL certificate. All your data is now stored in an encrypted form and transferred to our merchandise management system. If we are already at the topic shopping, we would like to tell you briefly how a purchase, i.e. an order process, should proceed, because you will receive your goods promptly from us. Are you also a new customer of ours and have found us via a large search engine using the keyword "turnbuckle nuts"? If so, then we can certainly help you with your purchase. Now take your time to find your metal or stainless steel turnbuckle nuts and add them to the shopping cart in the desired quantity. Once this procedure is completed, you can now create your own account with us. To do so, open a login area by entering all your relevant data that we need for shipping. After this procedure you now want to check out safely and pay the turnbuckle nuts. Then you can now follow the shopping cart instructions while logged in until the payment options are displayed. After payment you will receive an order confirmation from us, so that you can see exactly what you have ordered from us.

The Mini turnbuckle nuts

Normally, turnbuckle nuts, which are not called mini turnbuckle nuts, have a wide range of applications today. After all, it is precisely these nuts that are ultimately used for clamping in all conceivable areas of application. But often the normal sizes of turnbuckle nuts are too large for many applications. This is exactly where the Mini turnbuckle nuts come into their own. These nuts are designed to have a compact and short design. On both sides of the nut, the thread holders can be screwed in again to obtain a short design and these mini turnbuckle nuts can be used in all smaller, space-oriented projects.

The production of turnbuckle nuts

Turnbuckle Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last article we now come to the production of turnbuckle nuts made of metal, cast steel or stainless steel. We would like to show you by means of the manufacturing variations, how the different processes can be carried out today in order to make a profitable production possible. We would also like to start again with the turnbuckle nut, which is made of cast material. With this nut, a cost-effective production only makes sense in the wax-loss-method, because this method allows this cost-effective production of such stainless steel turnbuckle nuts or steel turnbuckle nuts. The wax mould must always be produced at the beginning. Once this is finished, these moulds can be replicated and cast on a wax strand. Now the complete wax strand with the individual turnbuckle nuts can be dipped into a sludge solution, which is then hardened in an oven and in the same course during the hardening process the hard wax mould evaporates. All that remains is the shell of the turnbuckle nuts. The entire strand can then be poured out with a liquid stainless steel (V2A or V4A) or steel and after cooling down the hard sludge shell can be knocked off. The result is now the finished turnbuckles, which only have to be drilled through the threaded holes on one side each, so that the turnbuckle nuts can also accommodate the tie rods. The production process is completely different for turnbuckle nuts, which are made of a hexagonal material. Only Cnc lathes are used for this. These always have a loader connected in order to enable night shift operation. Once the machine is set up and all tools are adjusted, the production of the turnbuckle nuts can begin. The first bar of raw material in hexagonal shape made of stainless steel or steel can be loaded into the machine and then the cross holes for clamping are drilled. After this first manufacturing process follows the second one, which drills the center of the material with a center drill and inserts the pilot hole, as far as the turnbuckle nut will later be long. Now the first metric right-hand thread can be cut. This thread goes to the middle. Now the nut can be cut off and the metric left-hand thread can be cut from the other side. The metal turnbuckle nuts are finished. If enough have been collected, they will be sent to our warehouse and are now waiting for your online order via our online shop. After your order has been received, the turnbuckle nuts will be shipped to you via our storage system.


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