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Cutting screws are mostly self-cutting screws that can be screwed into soft materials without any problems. Thus, cutting screws made of sheet metal are also usually referred to as cutting screws. These cutting screws can be made of steel or stainless steel.

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Cutting screws are today a minority among the screw connections. This article will focus exclusively on cutting screws and their variety and application. We would also like to talk about the different types of cutting screws and the possible materials in which they can be manufactured today. We would like to start with the design of cutting screws. A cutting screw is a screw like any other, but with a small but very important distinction or a small modification. This is located in the thread. Normal screws also have a thread, but this is continuous and not interrupted, so that the thread can also be screwed to the appropriate counterpart. With the cutting screws, the situation is a little different. Here, the thread, which starts behind the head of the screw behind the shaft, is provided with a straight line interruption or is interrupted by a spiral shape over the longitudinal direction of the screw thread. These interruptions on the cutting screws are therefore extremely sharp. These sharp edges at the interruptions later ensure that a cutting effect can be created so that the metal cutting screw can be screwed into a relatively soft material like a thread cutter. The holding force is similar to that of conventional screws. The advantage of such cutting screws is that the screw can be screwed directly into an existing hole, i.e. into a drill hole, without the need to cut a thread into the drill hole beforehand. A very big time saving in the production and installation of assemblies or workpieces on other workpieces. In hard materials, such as stainless steel or thick steel bodies, it is quite difficult to screw in such cutting screws, because the material is too hard for that. So cutting screws are best suited for all such soft materials, like aluminium and copper as well as sheet metal and wood and plastic. Cutting screws can be produced as machine screws with a metric thread or an inch thread or also as so-called sheet metal screws, which are screwed into thin sheet metal and have a wood thread or coarse thread. The materials commonly used are actually always normal, harder steel with a coating or stainless steel for cutting screws. This stainless steel can be designed as V2A or V4A stainless steel and can be selected according to the requirements of the location to be processed.

Our stock program of cutting screws - buy online in our online shop

Cutting Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ACutting screws should by no means be underestimated nowadays! Especially when an assembly has to be carried out, where economical work is important, exactly such cutting screws made of metal, i.e. steel or stainless steel and equipped with a cutting edge, are of great importance for any assembly of screw connections. Industrial customers have also been able to experience this in recent years and have converted their innovative assemblies to assembly with cutting screws. Exactly this circumstance or rather this statement requires an ever increasing demand for such metal cutting screws in the most different designs. From this roundabout it has become so important that such screws in the desired dimensions and diameters can also be bought quickly and cheaply in many online shops. But the offer of cutting screws made of steel or stainless steel is not always sufficient and therefore we decided some years ago to include such screws in a separate category in our extensive assortment. This resulted in an extensive offer, which you can see here in the online shop and make your own selection of stainless steel cutting screws. Now such a large Internet Shop, as we are, also always requires a security, which can be stabilized and encoded only with a SSL connection. Only in this way can your data be securely transferred to our merchandise management system. We would also like to give you a short introduction to the order process in a few steps, so that you know how an optimal and fast purchase of your cutting screws through our favorable online shop should proceed. Now we assume that you, like most of our customers, have found us via a large search engine, because you have searched for cutting screws made of steel or stainless steel and will surely find us in the right category. We have put together all our self cutting screws in one category and you can now choose your products at your leisure. Once you have found the right cutting screws, you can now add them to your shopping cart in the quantity you require. Once you have done this, you can select further products or create your own account as the next step. To do so, open your account via our login and enter all your delivery data and your email address. If you would like to pay now or complete the purchase of the cheap self cutting screws, you can follow the instructions in the shopping cart while logged in and continue to kick until the selection of payment methods appears. Now an overview of payment methods will be displayed, where you can choose one. Now confirm the purchase with your payment. If the purchase was successful, you will receive a confirmation from us, which will be sent automatically.

The production of cutting screws from stainless steel and steel - metal

Cutting Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last chapter on cutting screws made of stainless steel or steel, we would like to give you a small insight into how such screws are manufactured. Many of you surely know exactly, if you are looking for cutting screws, which screws these are and for what exactly they are used. But most of you do not know anything about an economic production of such screws, which can cut your "thread" by yourself. In order to close this open point, we would like to give you a brief introduction to the manufacturing process, so that you can see how modern methods are used today to make production processes more economical and thus make it cheaper to buy cutting screws. When times were not yet characterized by such a considerable demand, only a few screws were available on the market as cutting screws and therefore fewer cutting screws needed to be produced. Conventional slow machines were sufficient to cover the demand. This is not so today. Today, large quantities of cutting screws made of steel or stainless steel have to be produced, and in a very high quality. This can only be achieved with machines that have the right prerequisites. Today, these are modern plants that have been designed for economic production. These CNC machines have laid the foundation stone for the production of cutting screws and all other screws at low cost sooner or later. These CNC screw machines are always equipped with a machining chuck inside, where most of the processes during the production run. Outside there is always a loading system, which is either a bar loader or drum loader with a coiled wire. When the CNC program is loaded and the machine has completed the set-up, it can be started to produce the cutting screws from steel or metal. The calculated total length of the wire is always cut off first. Now comes the pre upsetting and then the final upsetting of the head of the cutting screw. This also includes the screw drive. This can be designed as slot, torx or cross slot or hexagon. Now only the shaft is missing which has no thread yet. This process is now called thread rolling. There are always two thread rolls or rollers within the machining centre. These rolls or rollers have exactly the thread for the tapping screw, which can have a coarse thread or wood thread or a metric thread. Once the shank has rolled the thread under high pressure, the last and decisive work step takes place, which makes the cutting screw into a cutting screw in the first place. Using a very thin disc cutter, the razor-sharp slot is milled in the longitudinal direction of the screw, which has extremely sharp cutting edges. These make the screws into a finished cutting screw, as you can use them.


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