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Eye plates are fastening elements within maritime articles that can be fastened directly by screwing. Also eye plates are used on deck of boats and yachts and fulfill the most different functions. For this reason, eye plates must also be made of stainless steel so that they can withstand weather conditions.

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Eye plates are small but very important helpers. Ropes or belts from tarpaulins can be neatly and firmly lashed to stainless steel eye plates. Stainless steel eye plates are mainly used on boats and yachts where they are directly bolted. But not only in the boat accessories these articles manufactured from a casting are to be found, but meanwhile in many other industries, like also in the mechanical engineering or at walls of houses, if ropes are pulled through or other fastening elements are used. However, these were only a few examples for the use of eye plates. We are sure that you know exactly what the eye plates can still be used for! Let us inspire you.

Our stock range of eye plates - Buy online in our online shop

Eye Plates Stainless SteelFor many years we have been supplying our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe with all imaginable products, including eye plates that have been polished to a high gloss. These fastening elements are not only found on boats and yachts, but also more and more in other types of fastening in use. So our customers can buy our products at any time of the day in our online shop around the clock and have them delivered to their homes. In order to make your shopping experience even more secure, we converted our website some time ago to the very secure SSL certificate. This has no disadvantages, only advantages. You can store your data calmly without having to be afraid that your data will be tapped by third parties. While we're on the subject of security, we'd like to say a few words about the fastest way to order online in our system. If you are new to our platform, first create a customer account and enter your delivery data. This enables us to deliver your eye plates and other ordered goods quickly. Now put all articles together and put them in the basket of the online shop. Then you will be asked automatically for the payment selection. Once the selection has been made, you confirm the payment and the goods can be put together in the assortment warehouse and then shipped.

The assembly of eye plates made of stainless steel

Eye Plates Stainless SteelWhen mounting eye plates made of V4A stainless stee , it is important to determine the position correctly and finally on deck, because once the screws are screwed in, it is difficult to move them. For this reason it is important to determine the correct position. Then you can use a pricker, which looks similar to a screwdriver - only with a tip, to prick the holes for the screws in the holes. This makes it easier to screw the screws into the wooden deck of the boat later on. Now screw the four countersunk screws firmly into all four holes of the eye plate using a screwdriver. Once this has been done, the eye plate is now loadable and firmly connected to the deck.

The production of eye plates

The eye plates are manufactured in the investment casting process WAX-Lost process. This means that a negative mould is produced. This serves as a template for the later eye plates. Once the negative model is finished, it is put into a mud bath, which is then dried in the kiln. The heat causes the wax to run out of the mould and all that remains is the fired mud mould, which is dry and solid. Now the pouring out of the sludge form begins by means of the liquid high-grade steel. After hardening, the slurry mould can be crushed so that only the raw cast part of the finished eye plate remains. This is thoroughly cleaned and polished to a high gloss. If you would like more information about the stainless steel eye plate, please visit our blog.

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