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Furniture screws are used in furniture production. Furniture screws have received their mane because they are used exclusively to assemble furniture or other wood-like structures.

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Many people ask themselves more and more often what exactly furniture screws are and what they can be used for and what function these screws have, let us take a closer look at the furniture screws in this category. Furthermore we would like to illuminate the function of such screws and the different materials that can be used for such screws in furniture. But we would like to start with the question, what exactly are furniture screws for? Such screws are used exclusively in furniture production, i.e. in the furniture industry. This is not surprising, because the name "furniture screw" already indicates the place of use. These types of screws are specially designed so that they can be screwed into wood or chipboard almost exclusively. However, the term is only a summary of the group of screws, because many different types of screws are used within a furniture production. The material used is almost always normal steel or stainless steel. These are the two basic materials. The normal steel, however, must still be covered with a protective layer after the production of a furniture screw. If stainless steel is used for a furniture screw, it is no longer necessary to rework the screw with a protective coating, because stainless steel is not susceptible to corrosion. Thus, a furniture screw has the unique task of firmly anchoring the wooden plates of a piece of furniture in the correct position. To do this, such a screw must fulfil very special tasks. To ensure that the screws hold well in the wood, it is important that the furniture screw has a very large thread. This gob thread alone is responsible for a good tightening force of the screw without tearing out of the structure of the wood composite. The screws are always pierced through a through hole in the first panel segment and the thread can then be screwed firmly into the second wooden panel of the furniture. A metal furniture screw can also be used as a decoration screw and the head of this screw is the only feature of a beautiful looking furniture screw. You can see for yourself that the variety of furniture screws can be as diverse as the furniture you can find in any furniture store today. However, in this article we wanted to clarify a few things that make the use of these so important screws.

Our delivery program of furniture screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Furniture Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn this section we would also like to go into more detail about which furniture screws we have in our delivery program and also how an order of your furniture screws through our online shop should proceed, so that you can buy your screws quickly and easily cheaply. Especially the demand for furniture screws has increased in recent years. The furniture industry produces more and more furniture and for this reason more and more furniture screws must be produced, as the pieces of furniture then hold together. Such furniture screws can be screws that have a coarse thread from the head to the end of the screw or so-called back wall screws that can hold the back wall together. But also so-called connector screws, which firmly connect different wooden parts by means of the connector furniture screws, are important components of today's fastening technology. So the term furniture screw is only a superordinate term, which summarizes all screws that are used in furniture manufacturing. So we have raised our assortment in the last years further to take up the different furniture screws in our delivery program, so that you can buy your furniture screws fast and uncomplicated over our on-line 24 hours on the day, favorably. By the constantly rising number of visitors in our on-line Shop we saw ourselves also obligated to provide for the necessary data security. Thus the entire web page was changed over to the safe SSL certificate. Here your entered data is then transferred encrypted to our merchandise management system. This creates even more security. Let us now lose a few words, how such a furniture screw order can now run off best. Surely you have now found and located us via a large search engine. By clicking on our link, you have now also reached the correct subpage in our online shop and can get an overview of which furniture screws you are looking for and want to buy from us. If you have now found the right screws, the next step will be to add the furniture screws in the desired quantity to your shopping cart. If this is done, you can now skip this step and create an account with us. In this account, you can enter all your order data and the delivery address for your furniture screws. In the last step you can now pay your purchase. Simply follow the instructions in your shopping cart and choose the correct payment method. With the click and the payment of your goods you confirm the purchase. Now you will receive the automatic order confirmation. In the following we will also receive your order and can process it, compile it for shipping and send it to you.

The production of furniture screws

Furniture Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AThe last article will also provide a brief insight into how normal furniture screws can be manufactured on today's modern CNC lathes or so-called automatic screw machines. The focus is always on the economic efficiency and the production of furniture screws. In the past, the screws could be produced on conventional machines, so-called cam lathes. However, the production time has been very long. However, the demand was not yet as high as today. Now we come to the production of the actual screws. Each of the individual machines has a drum loader connected to the machine. This is loaded with the raw material, i.e. stainless steel or pure steel round material. As stainless steel version either V2A or V4A stainless steel wire can be used. In this case the entire wire reel is wound up in this way. To load the machine, the CNC program must be loaded and the machine must be set up. When all these parameters are set, the production of the furniture screws can start. For this purpose the steel wire comes into the machine and is first cut to the correct length. Now the screw head is pre-pressed. In a further work step the final upsetting of the screw head of the furniture screw with the desired drive inside the head takes place. Once this first process is completed during screw production, the next step is to stamp the thread into the shaft. Here the furniture screw must be pressed into two rotating rollers so that the thread of the roller heads is transferred to the furniture screw. Thus, the hardened rollers are advised to transfer the thread contour to the furniture screw. Once this step is completed, the finished furniture screws are sorted and counted in the collection box. If enough finished furniture screws have been manufactured, they can be stored in our warehouse after washing. If an order or a purchase from you arrives via our online shop, we can pack the desired furniture screws together and make them ready for dispatch to you. After a few days, the package with the furniture screws should be delivered to you.


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