Material texture

For many years we have been selling stainless steel products to our customers all over the world. These include products made of V2A and also V4A. These products also require a good material quality. But especially when it comes to products made of V2A and V4A, the material quality is very important. It is often the case that V2A and V4A can also have a slight magnetism. This magnetism can be caused by forming processes and does not represent a quality defect. Many of our customers then inquire afterwards because the purchased product has a slight magnetism.

We would like to ask you to always buy the smallest available quantity of the product from us before buying a larger quantity, so that you can carry out your own material quality tests. If the results are positive, you are welcome to order larger quantities of the product from us.

Later complaints regarding the material condition are only possible by cost-intensive material certificates about a material determination. These can only be issued by the suppliers, as we do not carry out any tests ourselves. So for parts that have been purchased by us. Please contact us in good time so that we can help you with this.

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Hinweis / Note
Hinweis / Note