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Inch screws are all screws that are equipped with an inch thread. Such inch screws are available in the most different designs. Inch screws can be made of steel or stainless steel.

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Today, many people are not only looking for metric screws, but also increasingly for inch screws. Many years ago, we also worked with inch screws, until the uniform standard in Europe was replaced by the metric screw connection. Inch screws are still in use today in the USA and Canada. Today you will find the inch screws as steel screws but also as stainless steel inch screws in V2A or V4A. The UNC thread is still used today as an American standard thread. In the past, the inch screw was also available as an NC thread. This is the coarse thread. However, this was the old designation of these screws. The uniform designation for the fine thread version, also formerly known as NF thread, is the UNF designation. This is the standard designation in the American area. There is also a designation in English-speaking countries, which is known to many of us as Whitworth thread. This design is often referred to as BSP or BSW or also as BSF. Many still think that the flank angle between inch screws and en metric screws has a serious difference, but this is not so. The flank angle of the inch screws is always 60 degrees, which is the same as that of metric screws. This degree number concerns the UNF and UNC versions of the American version. Only there is a difference between the flank angle of the enlisted inch screw and the metric inch screw. In this version, the flank angle is always 55 degrees. However, this only concerns the Whitworth thread. However, many people have problems finding the right inch screw that fits their thread or nut. In order to give you a small insight how inch screws are exactly converted, we have put together some calculation examples and you have the possibility to create your own inch screws in some conversions. Inch screws are still often called inch screws and are searched for in the search engines. We would like to start with the fact that one inch = 2.54 cm. This fixed conversion size is important, because you need this for all dimension conversions for the example dimensions. In order to understand the conversion better for the inch screws, the thread diameter of these screws is always listed as inch in a fraction. This mainly concerns the inch screw diameter. The length is of course also given in inches, but can also be given in MM. In order to make it easier for you, we have compiled the common sizes of the inch screws conversion, so that you only have to look at this list to calculate and order your inch screws from us.

Inch screw conversion metric to inch - inch to metrich

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Our stock program of stainless steel inch screws - buy online in our online shop

Inch Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs the metric thread has also almost exclusively replaced the inch thread in the European area, it is certainly not of too much importance for most of us, as many of us work exclusively with the metric, standardised sizes. But now and then it happens that American standards are also prescribed in thread sizes for inch screws. The same applies to inch screws in the UK. Everyone has their own specifications and these must be used for certain applications. Due to our attentive customers from Germany and many other parts of Europe, after a certain period of time we received a request if we could include inch screws in our delivery program, because they are needed again. Now we have also started with this type of screws and have found a supplier who can reliably supply us with high quality inch screws made of steel or stainless steel in larger quantities. This task was certainly not easy, but also for this special screw, we have found our supplier. So our customers now have the possibility to buy their customs screws around the clock through our online shop, so that they can be sent to you or your company in an uncomplicated and timely manner. At the same time it is also important that the purchase of our products can be done through our secure platform without endangering your data in any way. This conversion to the secure SSL encryption method does not allow anybody else outside the company to access your data when exporting data to our merchandise management system. This makes a purchase of your customs screws and other products via our website absolutely secure. Of course, we would also like to say a few words about how a purchase of your products in our online shop should proceed, so that the order can be processed quickly and easily. Surely you have come to our online shop via a search engine using the product search "inch screws" to buy your screws in the right diameter and length from us. Just take your time to look around and put your goods into the shopping cart. If you have all products in the basket, you now have the possibility to create your customer account or your guest account with us. This procedure is fastest if you log in via our login and enter all your data. If this section of the order is also completed and you would now like to complete the purchase through your payment, simply follow the further steps in the online shop. Here you will now be presented with many different payment options, of which you can choose one. By your payment of the customs screws, you confirm that the purchase was completed. If the payment was successful, you will automatically receive a payment confirmation from our system. Now we can also assemble your customs screws in our warehouse for you and send them to you.

The production of inch screws

Inch Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn order to enable you to process screws with inch dimensions, we would like to explain in this article some things concerning the production of inch screws in all possible designs. Inch screws can be supplied as hexagon head screws or cylinder head screws, but also as countersunk screws and many other types. Inch screws are actually only referred to as screws that have an inch thread. These special screws, which are not commonplace, have to be produced, like the metric screws, on special CNC screw machines. This is important, because this is the only way to ensure economic efficiency in production. Many use inch screws very often, but have never seen how such screws can be manufactured. These special screw machines are equipped with a processing chuck through which the bare steel wire or stainless steel wire is fed. Behind this introduction there is always the drum that has wound up the endless stainless steel wire. Depending on the wire diameter, these drums have wound up raw wire from a few meters to several hundred meters. At the beginning of the production process the desired length is always cut off. Once this process is completed, the heads of the individual screws are upset in the production of inch screws. A tool is used to press against the stump of the shaft so that the head can be formed. Here it is with the first section only the collar of the screw head. In a further pressing process, the final head shape is pressed against the screw shaft. The desired drive is also pressed in the same way. Once this manufacturing process is completed, only the inch thread is missing on the inch screw, so that the screw is finished and can be stored. For rolling the thread, hardened thread plates are required. These have already incorporated the inch thread. Now the inch screw is rolled back and forth with high pressure between the inch thread plates. The thread is transferred from the thread plates to the inch screw. This is the last process in the production of such special screws. Now the screw is only washed and can be stored in our warehouse free of oil until you buy your inch screws and we can send them to you.


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