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Wall hooks belong to the category of connecting elements for maritime articles. Without wall hooks made of stainless steel in polished design or the cast form, it would be inconceivable to hang even one piece of clothing securely on a door or attached to the wall hook itself on the wall. It would be almost impossible to also hang a hat or even a bunch of keys with the jacket to stow away, so that it is again quickly within reach when you need it. Wall hooks just!

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Wall hooks? What are wall hooks and what can these structures and how indispensable they are? In the following article we would like to explain something about wall hooks, so that you get to know all the possible versions of wall hooks and thus also understand from which raw materials such wall hooks can also be made. So we would like to go into the wall hooks made of stainless steel or steel also on what surface structures are possible. But let's start slowly to explain to you the possibilities of wall hooks in all shapes and colors.

Our range of stainless steel wall hooks - buy online in online store

Wall Hooks stainless steel steelWall hooks or hooks in general have been around for a very, very long time. If we go back historically a few centuries, we quickly realize that already the knights had wall hooks in use in your castles and palaces. At that time, they were simply hooks that had a curved shape and were mostly forged (just like the chastity belts too). But we'll be happy to get into that in more detail later in the following post. Here in the category of wall hooks made of metal or stainless steel or steel, our customers will always find if you enter within the major search engines of the keyword "wall hooks" or wall hooks made of stainless steel or steel. But also modern and stylish wall hooks are often searched in connection. More and more often our customers come across our website. This is a good thing, because it allows you to quickly get an overview of the types and materials of stainless steel or steel wall hooks. In doing so, each customer can quickly enter their search criteria and choose the most suitable metal wall hook for themselves. If you have now put together all your wall hooks and would now like to buy these goods quickly and easily, you need an account with our online store. To get to such an account, please enter your email and a password and register. If this first registration process is completed, you are already logged in. Now put all your wall hooks in the shopping cart. Enter the desired quantity. Once you have put together all the wall hooks, the next step is where you can enter your personal data. To do this, enter all your data. If the delivery address differs, you can enter this fast separately. You will then receive your wall hooks made of stainless steel or steel or metal sent to the different delivery address. Very convenient for those who do not want to have the goods at home. The next step is the selection of the shipping method and the payment methods. If you have decided on a payment method for your wall hooks, it goes on to payment. After pressing the buy button, you will be redirected to the payment provider website. If the payment was successfully processed and you return to the store, you will now receive an email with all purchase details about your wall hooks. The ordering process is now complete.

Stainless steel wall hooks for home or for boats and yachts

Wall hooks made of stainless steel or steel can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, this requires that the wall hooks are made of the right material for outdoor use. For example, if you use the wall hooks made of steel, which can quickly begin to rust, you can only install it indoors. The humid air would quickly attack and decompose the material. Stainless steel wall hooks, on the other hand, can be used indoors as well as outdoors. However, it must be ensured that the material is at least made of V2A stainless steel. These wall hooks can also be wetted by moisture or be installed in the rain. However, if you want to use your wall hooks on a yacht or a boat, then the material should already be V4A stainless steel. The salt water is very aggressive and could also attack the wall hook made of V2A stainless steel, if this was exposed to this condition for a long time. Therefore, you do not do anything wrong if you choose the right material for the wall hooks.

Die verschiedenen Versionen von Wandhaken in Edelstahl

Wall Hooks stainless steelThe last chapter will be about what different wall hooks there are. I think that this chapter could be one of the most important in this post: Why? Because we can show you here how such wall hooks can be processed and look. We would like to start with the stainless steel wall hook. These are usually made in an investment casting process in the sand mold or wax lost technique. Such wall hooks are cast. Once the casting of such wall hooks is completed, after coring, the surface must always be formed afterwards. This surface structure can be brought to the desired result by grinding or polishing. Both surfaces are well received by our customers. But there are still the standard wall hooks, which are bent and punched from steel. At the beginning, the desired shape of the wall hook is simply punched out. Now the bending process takes place. Only through this process, the final shape of the wall hooks is now produced. Forming is the most important forming method for the steel or stainless steel wall hooks made of sheet metal and gives the wall hook first the shape it needs. Of course, such a wall hook must also have holes, so that a quick mounting option is created to quickly attach the wall hook to a wall or a door with two screws. We hope you could now learn and take away something about the shape and manufacture of wall hooks.


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