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Inside hexagon screws are screws that have been given the name inside hex because this refers to the type of drive of the screw.

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Inside hexagon screws are also often referred to as hexagon socket screws and have the same structure in the figurative sense. However, we would like to go into more detail about hexagon socket screws made of metal, steel or stainless steel. Furthermore, it is important for us to inform you where these screws are used today in modern industrialisation and which sizes and lengths we always have available in our extensive stock assortment if you need such screws to fasten machine parts or other components in your company quickly and securely. Now, of course, the first thing you have to do is to briefly go into the history that goes along with the development of inside hexagon screws and why these types of screws were able to work their way so far forward that the demand for metal inside hexagon screws, one can almost say, went through the ceiling. The reason for this is the originally used hexagon socket head screw which had started its triumphal march around the 19th century and the demand for these screws also increased with the technical revolution. These types of screws have proved themselves very well, because at that time there were of course no inside hexagon screws on the market. A small shortcoming had to be noticed again and again, if the hexagon head screws were tightened with a wrench and the wrench was already a little bit widened, the result during the assembly was always fast, that the flanks of the hexagon quickly turned off and then a tightening was no longer possible. Now a screw was developed which we all know today under the term " inside hexagon screws " and also in almost all ranges of the economy and the producing trade millions of times daily to be used and screwed and/or installed can. This inside hexagon screw has a serious advantage compared to the classical outside hexagon screw which was also the reason, why this screw type replaced the other one in the course of the time ever more frequently. On the one hand, the visually appealing effect of inside hexagon screws is far higher than that of outside hexagon screws and what is even more important is the effect of overtightening the inside hexagon inside the head. This can no longer happen so easily with an intact Allen key, because the flanks of the hexagon socket of the screws are pressed down and, due to the design, no longer tend to allow overtightening. This is also one of the main reasons why inside hexagon screws have become so popular on the market and demand has increased so strongly. The base material for such screws is always normal structural steel, which can be produced in the desired strengths. Similarly, stainless steel inside hexagon screws have become more and more established and have increased in demand due to their resistance to rust and corrosion. Two different alloys have to be distinguished. On the one hand, the alloy is used in stainless steel V2A and, in case of acid contact and salt water, the inside hexagon screw is used as stainless steel V4A for absolute acid resistance.

Our stock program of inside hexagon screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Inside Hexagon Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ASince the demand for inside hexagon screws made of metal, stainless steel or steel has increased further and will continue to increase, it is particularly important that these screws are made available for industry and the private sector always and everywhere. If the availability of these inside hexagon screws decreases, the industry would stall and could not cover further subsequent production processes and production would be endangered. In order to avoid this situation, it is important to have such standard hexagon socket screws always in stock, so that you can make your purchase on our website without long waiting times. So our website offers a perfect source of purchases to buy your inside hexagon screws quickly and easily through our online shop. Thus we offer to our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to order your goods around the clock. So that the purchase of your screws can also run off surely, it is important that the entire Internet operational readiness level on a secured and coded server runs. Only this gives your data, which you must deposit with a purchase, the possibility of a clear coding, so that a tap by third is no longer possible. Even if such a case should occur, it is not possible for third parties to translate your data into plain text. Thus, all data is stored safely and securely. Let us also say a few words to show you how to buy or order your inside hexagon screws quickly and easily, so that your order can be dispatched quickly. Just like many others, we can certainly welcome you to our website, because you have found us via one of the big search engines using the search word " inside hexagon screws". When buying and ordering, take enough time to add all screws and other goods to your shopping cart. If all products are selected, then you can create as next step your account, which you need for the order. Please enter all your data and your email address. Once this section is complete and you wish to check out, simply follow the steps that will be displayed when you click on "Buy" in the shop. Within this section you will see a variety of payment options from which you can choose one. Once you have chosen the one that is best for you, you can purchase your inside hexagon screws and confirm your payment. If the payment of your hexagon socket screws and the other goods was successful, you will immediately receive your order confirmation email with all information about your purchase. Now we also become active and commission your order in our warehouse for you together.

Production of inside hexagon screws

Inside hexagon Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AMany thousands of people process these screws day after day, but these people hardly know how the production of inside hexagon screws works. In order to shed some light on this issue, we would like to introduce you to two manufacturing processes that were used in the past to produce inside hexagonal screws and, for comparison, the modern production of these screws in today's world. Since in the past there was much more time available to produce certain screws, which was associated with a not yet so great demand, the machines did not have to be as fast and comfortable as they are today. For this reason the purely mechanical machines at that time were completely sufficient to trigger a relatively "fast" production. The programming to produce a inside hexagon screw was also possible via a kind of cam disk, because all distances and other parameters could be adjusted. The cam disk turned and drove bits and other devices and moved them exactly to their positions. The disadvantage, however, was that only large batch sizes could be set up because the changeover was so long. Today this is no longer a problem, because purely mechanical adjustment is history in the production of inside hexagon socket screws. In CNC machines today, only the master parameters are loaded via a connected server and all data is ready for operation to start the production of inside hexagon screws. Inside is the chuck, where the raw wire, i.e. the shank of the screw, is inserted. This raw wire of stainless steel or steel comes from outside the machine and is wound on a drum, of course according to wire thickness. First the screw is cut to the desired length and then the collar is pressed on behind the head of the screw. Once this section has been completed, the head is finally pressed into the hexagon socket screw using the hexagon socket. Finally, only the shaft with the thread has to be rolled in so that the screw can be used in a threaded hole or screwed directly to a nut. Once all these manufacturing processes have been completed, the last step is to wash all screws and remove all oil residues. All inside hexagon screws are then taken to our warehouse and can be shipped to you if required.


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