Weld-in Hinges

Weld-in hinges are used in many applications today. Weld-in hinges can be quickly and easily welded to existing metal parts. This eliminates the need for tedious screwing. Weld-in hinges are usually made of metal, i.e. stainless steel or normal steel, and can have a fixed or removable pin. In this way, a weld-in hinge can be quickly removed and, for example, a door can be quickly unhooked. This often creates a so-called wear part by means of an inserted brass ring. Especially in boat and yacht building, weld-in hinges are often used rotating elements.

1. Weld-in Hinges
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3. The weld-in hinges and their structure
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Weld-in hinges stainless steelToday, weld-in hinges can be found in all conceivable areas where metal or stainless steel or steel is used. Today, weld-on hinges can be manufactured in two compositions, i.e. from steel or stainless steel. Now, of course, if a weld-in hinge is to be welded, then it must always be a weldable material. That is why weld-in hinges are made of weldable material. Normal steel or stainless steel is used here. For example, on a stainless steel waste container. Here the material stainless steel is used. Exactly here weld-in hinges can be welded on wonderfully and make a wonderful connection. We would also like to take a closer look at the structure of weld-in hinges. Such hinges always consist of different components. Beginning is the upper part which can be welded firmly to a component. The lower part of the weld-in hinge is firmly welded to the opposite overlying part. In order to create a rotatable and detachable connection, a bolt must be inserted through it. This pin is urgently needed to create the pivot point of the weld-in hinge. To prevent such two independent components from rubbing during rotation due to the applied pressure, there is almost always a brass welding ring in between. This brass ring absorbs all the pressure between the two independent components of the wings of the weld-in hinge. Now the wings of the weld-in hinge can move independently and easily. It is often the case that at least two of the weld-in hinges are always attached to a rotary element. Only in this way can the axial alignment and the alignment function perfectly.

Our stock program of weld-in hinges made of stainless steel - V4A or V2A - buy online in our online store

Weld-in hinges stainless steelToday, the majority of weld-in hinges made of stainless steel or steel are used by locksmiths and private hobbyists. Thus, the hobbyists can also quickly produce all kinds of metal products and also weld on hinges made of stainless steel. Especially when movable elements have to be installed on metal parts, weld-in hinges are always the means of choice. Thus, many such weld-in hinges go on sale at hundreds of online stores every day. Of course, we also want to supply our customers as quickly as possible and with the greatest availability. In order for such a supply of stainless steel or steel weld-in hinges to take place quickly, availability must also be guaranteed and ensured. Many years ago, some of our customers approached us and asked if we could also supply them with such hinges. So we went on our way and contacted some manufacturers to get samples to convince ourselves of the high quality. After a few attempts to find the right manufacturer of weld-in hinges, we quickly realized that the search would prove to be quite challenging. After months we reached our goal and could slowly fill our stock. This means that we were able to provide all possible types of weld-in hinges. The second step was now to bring our weld-in hinges and our customers together. Conventionally, today all items are searched for and purchased through search engines. The search word is entered and all search results are displayed. Among them is of course our website. If you click on this link, you will be taken directly to our category of weld-on hinges. Here you can now choose the right hinges. Now put all the items you need into the shopping cart and create an account. After logging in, go back to the shopping cart and pay for the weld-in hinges. If the payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation where all items are listed. Now we also receive the order with your stainless steel or steel weld-on hinges and can prepare the shipment to you. After a few days your order should arrive and you can quickly install the weld-in hinges.

The weld-in hinges and their structure

Arrived at the last section, we also want to tell you some how weld-in hinges made of stainless steel and steel are welded to moving parts. But now let's look at the structure of a weld-in hinge. Such hinges can have different structures. Either the weld-in hinge has a movable part and a fixed part. It consists of two parts. Or the hinge consists of three parts. In the case of two-part weld-in hinges, both parts are designed so that they consist of two wings. One wing of the weld-in hinge is rolled or formed so that it is rolled. The ends can then be welded on. The second part of the hinge also consists of a wing. This part is also then welded to the opposite part of the moving element. The pivot point is created. To create a proper pivot point, a bearing must always be available as well. This bearing is a bolt that passes through both wings of the weld-in hinge. Of course, there is always an axial pressure between both wing elements of the weld-in hinge, because both elements rest on each other. If the two wings were now moved against each other, wear and friction would inevitably occur. After a very short time, the two parts would wear against each other. To prevent this from happening on a weld-in hinge, there are always brass rings between them as spacers. These are also called wear plates. These spacers absorb all the pressure that occurs during turning. Since the brass is softer than the stainless steel is a sacrificial ring. After a few years, the brass spacer ring can then be easily replaced. Thus, the weld-in hinge remains functional and stable in its mobility. Please remember that at least two weld-in hinges must always be installed at a pivot point so that stability can be ensured when a rotary movement is necessary.

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