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Dowel pins are pins that can be inserted into components. Either dowel pins secure certain positions within a component or a dowel pin makes components position-dependent. Dowel pins can be made of steel or stainless steel.

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Dowel pins are very special positional locking elements in the large family of locking elements as well as connecting and fastening elements. Today, dowel pins are indispensable in the industrial production and manufacture of technical equipment and machines. In all devices which are made of metal or steel or stainless steel and have more than one component, dowel pins almost always have a bearing control between the parts which are arranged in relation to each other and are currently firmly screwed together. These components, which are assembled by means of a screw connection, must necessarily have a very specific, defined porsition. However, if these parts have to be separated at some point, either by repair (maintenance) or by replacement of components, the fixed positions are left when the screw connection is or has to be loosened. In order to be able to secure this once set condition permanently, of course, dowel pins made of metal, steel or stainless steel are used. Such stainless steel dowel pins can be manufactured and installed as an alloy in V2A or V4A. The dowel pins are available in the trade or in the online shops also as hardened versions or as unhardened dowel pins. Furthermore, they can be provided with a bore and a thread on the front side, which can serve as a pull hole thread to pull the dowel pins out of an existing connection between two parts, if there is no through-hole. In order to ensure that such position locks of two separately installed and connected components can maintain the same position even if the parts have to be separated for maintenance purposes, dowel pins are the first choice. For this purpose, usually two holes are drilled at opposite positions and the core diameter is drilled through both components. It is important that the core diameter is drilled so that the existing core bore can be reamed to the pap size of the dowel pin with the appropriate reamer. Only by reaming the core bore can the dowel pin be fitted exactly. Dowel pins are also often used as power transmission elements on machine parts such as shafts and hubs. The dowel pins serve as a so-called predetermined breaking point when an overload between the torque applied to a shaft and the torque force on the hub is actually exceeded. In this case the dowel pin, which has been drilled into the hub, breaks and the shaft centre piece remains inside the shaft. Hub and shaft can now rotate separately in the rotary motion. A power transmission is then no longer given. But this function of the dowel pin is not the main feature of technical equipment and machines. For this purpose, feather keys are clearly designed to absorb the shear forces effectively.

Our stock range of dowel pins - buy online in our Online Shop

Dowel Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4AThe demand for dowel pins has increased steadily in recent years. This is no wonder for these safety elements, because just like all other fasteners, the demand for dowel pins has also increased. With the ever more precise secure positions on machines and technical equipment, the demand for these elements is also increasing. When we started to build up our company at that time, we started with standard elements such as socket head screws in all common sizes and thicknesses as well as lengths. However, the demand of our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe has increased and therefore we received more and more inquiries regarding an extension of our assortment, which required metal dowel pins. We have taken up this demand for these pins with a fit in order to offer our customers the possibility to buy all their products quickly and easily from us and have them delivered to their home or company. So we offer our customers in Europe and Germany the possibility to buy your dowel pins fast and uncomplicated and cheaply through our online shop. Buying online has many advantages, except that you don't have to search long to get your register pins quickly. So we also thought about the security when buying dowel pins and decided to change the whole website to the encrypted version. This SSL certificate now offers full encrypted security when buying your dowels from our domain. Thereby a data retrieval during the data export is no longer possible, because everything is securely packed. Please let us also say a few words about how an order with us can be processed quickly and easily so that you can hold your metal dowels pins in your hands. We would like to welcome you to our domain and we assume that you have found us, just like all other visitors to our website, by using the search word "register". Now you have all the time in the world to compose your sizes and lengths as well as thicknesses of stainless steel or steel dowel pins and put them in your shopping cart together with the other products you want. Once this ordering process is completed, you only have to set up your guest account or your permanent customer account with us and can then continue the purchase. If you would like to complete the purchase, just follow the shopping cart and you will be shown a list of payment options. Choose the best payment option for you and confirm the order of the dowel pins with your purchase. If the ordering process was successful and the payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation from our system. Now your goods can be processed in the warehouse and released for shipping.

The production of dowel pins

Dowel Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow, of course, most of you know exactly how to install and use dowel pins in industry and how the process of assembling dowel pins works. But we are not really sure if most of you know how to manufacture these pins and which machines are used for this. In order to shed more light on this point, we have also decided to describe this category in more detail, so that everyone can gain an insight into how manufacturing processes can finally be carried out in machines. In order to produce dowel pins successfully, machines have become indispensable even today. Of course, purely mechanical machines are no longer used today, but so-called CNC lathes, which independently process the parameters once they have been set and can thus produce the dowel pins. Such a lathe always has a loader connected, which is electrically connected to the CNC lathe by a communication line. If the machine is now set up and the program for the production of dowel pins is set up, production can already begin. If the raw bars are now lying as solid material in stainless steel or steel in the loader, the machine can feed the first bar of round material. Then the drilling of the core hole into the end face begins immediately. Then the thread is cut into the dowel pin. Once this operation is complete, the chamfering of the threaded hole can be carried out and the end face chamfered. Now comes the most important step in the production of dowel pins. Grinding of the surface so that a fit can be created and finally a dowel pin is produced. Once this production stage is complete, the pin is cut off so that the chamfer can be applied to the cut-off side. If this last process of production is also completed, the dowel pins are washed so that all oil residues are removed from the production and the pins are relatively free of grease. Now all products are put together in a package and can be stored in our warehouses. If one of your orders arrives, it is passed on to the warehouse and finally the dowel pins are assembled so that they can be handed over to the shipping company.


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