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Shear nuts are special nuts which are only used for one purpose. Shear nuts are therefore "disposable nuts". These nuts should only be tightened once and never be opened again.

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What are shear nuts? These nuts are a rather rare type of nuts which are actually only used on components and machines where the shear nuts are only to be screwed on once and then break off. At this moment they are "disposable nuts" or "single use nuts". The shear nuts are screwed firmly to the component so that the nut is firmly connected to the work pieces. When the nut has passed the point of "tight", the breakaway follows when the nut is turned further. This means in plain language that the hexagonal guide of the breakaway nut remains, but at the predetermined breaking point of the breakaway nut "elegantly turns off" the connection between the hexagonal part of the nut, which has no thread whatsoever, and the "semicircular lower part", which is the actual threaded locking device, is inevitably separated! In this case, the connection is broken within the predetermined breaking point of the shear nut and thus the nut can no longer be gripped with a tool. The stainless steel shear nut is now firmly attached to the Beuteil, but without the hexagonal part for the movement. Due to the semicircular shape of the torn off hexagon nut, it is no longer possible to grip the nut, as the tool - a pair of pliers - slips over the shape of the shear nuts and there is no longer a clean cylindrical contact surface. This is how the shear nut does its job and it becomes a locknut in a certain sense, which can no longer be opened easily. This screw connection prevents existing assemblies from being opened or dismantled unintentionally! If you would like to read more details about stainless steel shear nuts, please visit our blog.

Our delivery program of shear nuts - buy online in our online shop

Shear Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AFor many years we have been supplying the industry with our shear nuts from the entire range. Our customers can easily buy these quickly and cheaply via our online shop, which makes for uncomplicated processing. In our delivery program of stainless steel shear nuts in V2A or V4A we supply innumerable sizes with different spanner widths for industry and trade. These stainless steel shear nuts are available as smallest thread M6 to M12. So all intermediate sizes are of course available. These are: M6 over M8 and M10 up to M12. In order to make shopping in our shop even safer, we decided some time ago to convert the entire Internet site to the secure SSL certificate. This has exclusive advantages in the recording and transmission of your sensitive data, which you must enter for the delivery address in our shop. Now no more access from outside is possible during the transfer to our connected system. In this context, we would like to briefly explain the purchase in our shop to you. To purchase shear nuts and other products from our company, please create a customer account first. This will provide you with all relevant data we need to send you the products. Find all the items you need and put them in the shopping cart. When all items are collected, you will be asked to choose the best payment system for you. If you have now made your choice, please confirm your order by clicking on "Confirm order". Now you will receive the order confirmation immediately after the online order. Now we can also assemble the goods for you and hand them over to the dispatch centre. After a few days the delivery should be sent to you with your ordered shear nuts.

Design of the shear nut and function

Shear Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AWe would like to explain to you briefly how exactly a shear nut made of stainless steel is constructed. The shear nut has a part which is round without edges and borders on a predetermined breaking point. Behind the predetermined breaking point of the shear nut is the part which can hold the tools, for example the open-ended spanner. When the nut is tightened, the tool is turned further to "overtighten" the nut, i.e. the part with the spanner flats, which is now separated from the lower part of the nut. Afterwards only the part of the shear nut remains, which holds the thread and can hold the components together. Due to the shape of the torn off nut (its upper part) it is not possible to open the nut again without special tools. The screw connection is effectively protected against unintentional opening. To undo a shear nut again is of course problematic, because that is exactly the reason why this nut was built this way. To prevent or prevent loosening. Now of course you have no more contact surface to which you can attach the pliers, but that is no problem at all if you know the tricks to loosen this shear nut again in a few minutes. You need a flex with which you cut two wrench flats on the opposite side of the torn off nut. These do not have to be exact or precise, just so that you have a way to get the pliers securely in place and grip again. Now unscrewing the shear nut should not be a problem anymore.


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