Cylinder Screws

Cylinder screws are screws with a head shape that resembles a cylinder. Thus the cylinder screw has the advantage that it can be embedded flat in workpieces.

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Cylinder screws DIN912 iso 4762 can be found in today's industrial production and in almost all systems and all industries. The Cylinder screws has established itself as the screw par excellence in the market because it is easy to install, inexpensive to purchase and can be used in stainless steel or steel. As the name suggests, a Cylinder screws is constructed in such a way that it has a shank or pin and a thread that is either only a certain length on the screw or runs the entire length of the screw body. This shank thread length is particularly important for some applications, especially if the Cylinder screws DIN912 iso 4762 is only to be screwed into a component to a certain extent and the remaining shank is to act as a kind of positioning safeguard. The head of the screw is aligned like a cylinder. Due to the wider design of the cylinder head, the collar of the head alone is responsible for ensuring that this more than one component can be firmly and securely connected to other components, while at the same time being detachable again. This can be done through a hole or a slotted hole. In order to install Cylinder screws firmly and securely at slotted holes, a washer should of course be placed underneath. This washer distributes the surface pressure better and thus protects the material of the screw but also the workpiece. It prevents or reduces, depending on the strength of the tightening, that on the one hand the cylinder head of the screw is damaged, but also the component with the slotted hole or bore. The common cylinder screw DIN912 iso 4762 is always equipped with a hexagon socket. This can be tightened or loosened again with standard Allen keys. However, the receptacle within the screw can take on many other forms, such as the slotted cylinder screw, the Torx cylinder screw or many other special shapes. Another important difference within this family of Cylinder screws is that the DIN912 iso 4762 Cylinder screws is available in a standard height and the Cylinder screws with the flat cylinder head for applications where space is not so great and exactly these space-saving heads are used. The materials used are steel, stainless steel as V2A and V4A in industry and private areas.

Our delivery program of cylinder screws DIN912 or ISO 4762 made of stainless steel V2A or V4A - buy online in our online shop

Cylinder Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAt that time we successfully started to include a large assortment of cylinder screws with a cylinder screws DIN912 iso 4762 in our stock program and to make them available to our customers all over Europe. At that time we started with only a few cylinder screws DIN912 iso 4762 in some diameters and a few shank lengths which were available. But soon customers from all over Germany turned to us to buy further sizes of screws from us. So the assortment in our stock has slowly grown with the demand and more sizes have been and will be added. The assortment is by no means exhausted and so we also expanded the online shop to include more cylinder screws. With our online shop we now offer our customers the possibility to buy goods from us around the clock and thus complete the order quickly and easily. In order to make our online shop even more secure with the inexpensive cylinder screws according to DIN912, we decided some time ago to convert the entire Internet presence to the encrypted SSL certificate. This offers you as a customer a clear advantage when buying your goods from our shop. Your data, which we need to send your products, can now no longer be accessed by third parties when exporting data to our merchandise management system. While we are on the subject of shopping, we would also like to briefly explain to you how a purchase in our shop should proceed. First of all, put all the DIN912 iso 4762 cylinder screws you require, in the desired lengths and diameters, into your shopping basket. Once this first stage of the purchase is completed, open a customer account or a guest account to enter all your required data. Once this step has been successfully completed, you will be asked to choose the best payment method for you. You can choose from the gangists that are offered on most portals. Now complete the purchase by confirming the payment and if the payment was successful, you will immediately receive an automatic order confirmation from our server, which will confirm the order of the cylinder screws. The cylinder screws DIN912 iso 4762 and the possible other products are now assembled in our warehouse and handed over to the shipping company so that you will receive the goods within the next few days.

Assemble the cylinder screw assortment yourself

Many people today do not always need thousands of screws of a single type, but only a few screws of a certain size of cap screws. If you are looking for such a combination, then it is usually a cylinder screw DIN912 iso 4762 assortment, which combines a few screws of certain sizes, but has many different cylinder screw in the assortment box. We have also thought about this and have decided in our online shop that we do not want to offer you our selection of cylinder screw as an assortment, but that we want to make it available for purchase as individual screws. Because everyone has a different idea of what a cylinder screw assortment is and needs different M sizes and lengths. In our online shop you can comfortably compile your own assortment of socket head cylinder screw by putting exactly the cylinder screw in the size you require into the shopping basket and thereby compile exactly the assortment you need for your building project. It couldn't be easier to buy an assortment of cylinder screw online according to your wishes. So take a little time and put together your personal cylinder screw DIN912 iso 4762 assortment.

Workpiece bores for cylinder screws according to tolerance dimensions DIN 974-1

Gewindegröße Ø M2M2,5M3M3,5M4M5M6M8M10M12M14M16M18M20M22M24M27M30M33M36
Durchgangsbohrung ( d ):

mittel H 13

fein H 12

Senkbohrung ( d1 ) für:

ISO 1207, ISO 4762,

DIN 6912, DIN 7984

ISO 1580, DIN 7985

Gewindegröße Ø M2M2,5M3M3,5M4M5M6M8M10M12M14M16M18M20M22M24M27M30M33M36
Senktiefe ( T ) für:

ISO 1207 ( DIN 84 )

ISO 1580 ( DIN 85 )

DIN 7985

ISO 4762 ( DIN 912 )

DIN 6912

DIN 7984

  zulässige Abweichnung – 0,0 / + 0,2 mmzulässige Abweichung – 0,0 / + 0,4 mmzulässige Abweichung – 0,0 / + 0,6 mm
 d2 nur entgraten15,5017,5019,5021,0024,0026,0028,0031,0034,0037,0040,00
Gewindegröße Ø M2M2,5M3M3,5M4M5M6M8M10M12M14M16M18M20M22M24M27M30M33M36
Zusatzmaße für:

U-Scheiben DIN 433

Federinge DIN 127 + 7980

Federscheiben DIN 128

Zahn- und Fächerscheiben

U-Scheiben DIN 125

Federscheiben DIN 137

Spannscheiben DIN 6796


Cylinder screws with a drive as hexagon socket or Torx or slot

Especially with the drive types for cylinder screws there is often some confusion and many people do not know in which possibilities the different drive types for cylinder screws made of steel or stainless steel are available. We would like to explain in more detail how a hexagon socket or a Torx drive or even a slot can be integrated into the head of the cylinder screw. Different types of drive for cylinder screws are often used in mechanical engineering to meet the different space requirements of the screws or to transfer particularly high torques from the drive tool to the head of the cylinder screws. In the past, the first cylinder screws were usually equipped with a normal slotted drive. At that time there were no Torx drives or the hexagon socket. So the slot of a cylinder screw has a narrow groove which can be reached easily with a screwdriver, but when tightening the screw it also slipped off quickly and the slot was turned off or worn out. Especially when the cylinder screws are to be tightened or have to be loosened. If the slot is defective and the cylinder screw is embedded in a workpiece, only the head can be drilled out to loosen the screw connection. In doing so, the head of the screw is completely destroyed. Later on the hexagon socket came up and an overtightening or slipping during the drive tool and during the transmission of the torque was made easier. The last and safest possibility is the Torx drive. This is not so old and the tool sits so securely due to the ingenious inner contour of the Torx and can also forgive inclined positions of the key without destroying the Torx. Which drive types are used on machines and technical systems today, slotted or cylinder screws or Torx, depends decisively on the circumstances and is adapted from case to case.

The production of steel/stainless steel cylinder screws

Cylinder Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last article we would like to tell you more about the production of cylinder screws in steel and stainless steel DIN912 iso 4762. We are sure that many of you have already had a lot of experience, which has brought along the details about the cylinder screws, but we would also like to give some information about the topic of manufacturing. Of course, there are serious differences between the production of cylinder screws DIN912 iso 4762, which were produced with earlier, older machines, and the cylinder screws, which can be produced in stainless steel and steel on modern machines. But let us now start, in a few short words, to explain the introduction on older machines. Such screw machines, which were used for production at that time, are so-called CNC screw machines. These machines were mechanical marvels, which must also be used by a mechanical control, as a cam, as programming. These cams were the wheel of things and had to be readjusted with every new batch size setting. Due to these long set-up times, it was only possible to order large lot sizes, which could then be processed. Smaller lot sizes were complicated and expensive to produce. An economic efficiency as we know it today was unthinkable back then. Today the subject of economic production is no longer an issue. However, the companies that work as contract manufacturers must always be up to date in order to have the most modern CNC screwdriving machines, so that costs can be pushed far below the minimum and so that even more companies can be supplied with the cylinder screws. Such Machines always have a machining station where the whole production takes place. Outside there is always at least one loader, which is either a bar loader and has to pick up long strand material, which has a larger diameter, or a drum loader, which can pick up thin continuous material. Today the entire control of such CNC screw machines is processed via a loaded CNC program and the cylinder screws are thus produced. Once the machines are loaded and set up, production can begin. Now the raw material is inserted and the cylinder screws are cut to length first. Once the correct length of the screw has been calculated, the pre-compression can begin. Afterwards the screw head including the drive is upset to finish. The drive is usually a Torx drive or also a hexagon socket drive. A cross slot drive can also be incorporated. Once the head of the cylinder screws is finished, the bare shaft can be provided with a metric thread or an inch thread. As a rule, this manufacturing process is always carried out by rolling. Rolling of the threads is standard today. The shank is then pressed into the rollers by two rollers running in opposite directions, which have the metric or inch thread. The thread is then rolled onto the screw shaft. This process is repeated until enough cylinder screws have been manufactured and stored in our warehouse. If we receive an order from you, we can quickly pack up your order and send it to you. After a few days, you should receive your cylinder screws and you can install them.


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