Serrated Lock Washers

Serrated lock washers are safety elements that prevent screw connections from loosening unintentionally. Serrated lock washers are therefore always placed under the nut when a connection is made. Steel or stainless steel is used as material for the production of serrated lock washers.

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The serrated lock washers also belong to the large group of safety elements that are constantly used in companies. Let us explain some things about serrated lock washers in this chapter so that we can tell you what serrated lock washers can be used for. At the same time we would like to explain to you how serrated lock washers are constructed and the application and their function. Many people know metal serrated lock washers exactly and know how to use them successfully, but the exact function and their manufacture is unknown to them. Furthermore, in this article we explain from which material serrated lock washers can be made and can be used in industrial production or manufacturing. Let us now start with the basic structure of such a steel serrated lock washer. Such washers are always manufactured in a round shape. Due to the round design, a wide part is incorporated on the outer sides, i.e. the flanks of the serrated lock washers, which has the diagonally bent staples curved outwards. These staples are now arranged in a circular form on the outer surface in a uniform pattern all around. Now, these diagonal teeth look out at both sides of the disc and protrude, because the material has been bent diagonally. Just these ?claws? now can function as sharp-edged safety elements. We always speak of the so-called radial locking elements, because the serrated lock washers are intended to ensure radial locking. Such washers are now always used under screw heads and nuts that are screwed to a base material and are intended to secure them against unintentional opening. When tightening such a serrated lock washer connection, which was placed under a screw head, the tightening process is such that as the pressure on the serrated lock washer compartments increases, the ends of the serrated lock washer cramps dig into the material on the one hand and into the screw head on the other. These marks are of course very small, but they are enough to ensure that the screw connection cannot be opened unintentionally. These functions are often desired when it comes to protecting and securing moving parts, screws on machine parts that are exposed to vibrations or on cars or motorcycles. Due to the fine but constant vibrations, a screw locking device such as the serrated lock washer made of steel or stainless steel is a perfect and cost-effective solution. The materials used for serrated lock washers are almost always exclusively steel in nickel-plated form or, more and more frequently, also as a stainless steel version in V2A or V4A. These two stainless steel versions of serrated lock washers offer sufficient protection against unwanted corrosion and even more protection when used on boats and yachts when V4A is used.

Our stock program of serrated lock washers - buy online in our Online Shop

Serrated Lock Washers Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the first article we have already been able to tell you how serrated lock washers made of stainless steel are successfully used today on bolt heads and nuts and are therefore radial locking elements. It could not be any quicker, cheaper and easier to create such a secure connection with a serrated lock washer made of stainless steel or nickel-plated steel. This is why serrated lock washers are so much in demand on the market today and are increasingly being found in industry, mechanical engineering and equipment construction. This is not a coincidence, because these washers do a great job in every industrial sector of the economy. And so we have been offering our customers these safety elements in stainless steel or steel for many years. The offered serrated lock washers are all in a common size, which the industry needs in order to realize your building projects quickly. So we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy your serrated lock washers fast and uncomplicated via our online-shop. To ensure that the purchase of the discs via our platform is also quick and uncomplicated, it is also important that security is considered a very important point and that your data is therefore also well protected. For this reason, we decided some time ago to convert the entire website to the secure SSL certificate, so that your sensitive data is also really safe and can no longer be accessed by third parties. Especially when your fan-shaped discs purchase, i.e. your order is retrieved via our platform and transferred to our merchandise management system, third parties can access the data if the data is not encrypted. This can no longer happen. At the same time, we would like to briefly explain to you how an order process for the purchase of serrated lock washers should be carried out so that your order can be sent to you quickly. May we also welcome you to our website, because you have found us via a search engine using the search word "serrated lock washers"? Then you now have the opportunity to put together your stainless steel or steel serrated lock washers at your leisure and add them to your shopping cart. Once this first part of the purchase is complete, part two follows. At this part you can now create your own customer account and enter all your data. If you would like to complete the order of your serrated lock washers, you will now be asked to select one of the payment options displayed and to confirm your order by clicking the Buy button. If the payment was successful, you will then receive an order confirmation with the listed serrated lock washers in stainless steel or steel. Now we will also become active for you and can process your order and also send it to you.

The production of serrated lock washers

Serrated Lock Washers Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last article you should also get the knowledge how to produce serrated lock washers and how to use machines like punching and forming machines to produce such washers in an economic way. We therefore only mention that the point is that economic efficiency must be the main priority. Nowadays, many people work with thousands of serrated lock washers every day, but very few people really know how these washers can be produced on state-of-the-art machines. We would like to change this situation and shed some light on the subject of serrated lock washers and their production. Basically, punching machines with a loader are always used for such production. This means in plain language that this machine has a punching head inside which has the diameter, the shape and the counterpart so that such discs can be punched out quickly. Outside there is always a drum loaded with a stainless steel strip or a blank steel strip. Thus, production of the serrated lock washers is possible without any problems and also during night shifts without manning is no problem. This machine is equipped with a CNC control which can control the entire machine and its processes in a targeted manner. All parameters must be loaded and the machine knows which processes are to be run. If the steel strip is now inserted into the machine, the production of the serrated lock washers can begin. The punching machine is moved down to punch the first serrated lock washer and when punching through, it is pressed into the corresponding shape so that the serrated lock washers are positioned laterally. This process takes only seconds and thousands of such discs can be produced. Below the machine there is a collecting container which collects all the punched stainless steel serrated lock washers. Now these discs can be washed so that all oil residues are removed and stored in our warehouse.


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