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Folding hinges made of stainless steel and steel are small helpers, which are exposed and used in the industry and even in the hobby sector infinite variety of folds. Thus, folding hinges, as the name suggests, can allow a hinge to fold. Imagine that you just want to build a stainless steel trash can or shelf, you can not avoid folding hinges. So that the doors on such garbage storage places can be opened and closed quickly, flap hinges are indispensable helpers. But what material can folding hinges be made of? On the one hand, stainless steel folding hinges are made of V2A and the V4A version is also used for salt water.

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Folding hinges stainless steel steelEspecially in the case of folding hinges, there are major differences in the structure of a hinge. The normal standard folding hinge made of stainless steel or steel must necessarily always consist of at least two independent wing segments. These two independent wing segments are the most important when it comes to ensuring the folding hinge function even at a large opening angle. It is often the case that the folding hinge has to be folded down completely. Especially for doors on boats and yachts, it is extremely important because this allows the open doors to be completely opened and folded down. This is an important condition that folding hinges made of stainless steel or steel should have. Now, however, we would like to go into more detail about the exact structure of a folding hinge. We have already reported on the two separately arranged wings of a folding hinge. On these wings, however, there are also, and this is important, so-called rolled bands. During final assembly, these rolled hinges hold the pull pin of the stainless steel or steel folding hinge. It is important that both wings opposite each other so that the pin can be pushed through as the central center element. Only the pin enables the folding hinge mechanism to become what it is. If the two segments are now opposite each other, the pin is implemented. If the folding hinges are to absorb large axial loads later on, there is almost always a sliding ring made of brass between the individual hinges to absorb the axial force and to serve as a wear ring. Such brass rings are deliberately chosen to be easily replaceable later. Once all the folding hinges have been assembled and are ready for storage, the oil is removed from them and they can then be stored in our warehouse. Now the folding hinges are only waiting to be sold.

Our stock program of folding hinges made of stainless steel - V4A or V2A - buy online in our online store

Folding hinges stainless steel steelFolding hinges are searched for thousands of times every day by all possible groups of customers on the Internet. This is only conditional on the fact that folding hinges have experienced a broad demand. We did not know this in the last few years until our customers asked us whether we could also include folding hinges made of stainless steel or steel in our product range. So we first had to find out more about which forms of folding hinges could be interesting for our customers. In order to carry out this market analysis, we asked many of our customers what the folding hinges would have to look like that they would process in their companies. After long discussions it was clear to us that it is not specific folding hinges that are needed, but all possible shapes and sizes. So we started looking for a manufacturer of folding hinges in this area as well, and we received many samples. Now we have to say that the quality was not really good. After further search we could find a really good manufacturer, with whom we have now closed a contract, which can supply us in the future with all possible folding hinges. So that one can now bring together you as a customer looking for the folding hinges and us as a supplier of cheap folding hinges. For this purpose, as usual, we use the Internet and their search engines. Our customers then enter the search word "folding hinges" and have all hits of search ads displayed. Among them you will also find our link to our folding hinges. If you now click on this link, you will usually find yourself directly on the folding hinge website. You will now see all hinges that can be found in this category. Now select the best folding hinges and put them in the desired quantity in the shopping cart. Afterwards you log in to pay for the folding hinges. If the payment process of your folding hinges was successful, you will receive an order confirmation of your ordered goods directly afterwards. At the same time we receive your order and can pack the folding hinges made of stainless steel or steel and send them to you. After a few days you should now receive the package and can install the goods in your project.

The folding folding hinges and their production

As always, we would like to give you the production of folding hinges made of stainless steel or steel in more detail in this article. As with any other hinge, so also with the folding hinges, these must first be manufactured before you can use and install them. In order to produce folding hinges now cheaply, of course, use machines that can punch and bend sheet metal parts. Bending in the form of rolls. First, all the stamping work must be done. This includes all the external area and drilling holes. Once these steps are completed, it is possible to proceed to the next step. Now the tapes have to be rolled up so that the bolt can be inserted through them later. Once the folding hinges are ready, production continues and the wings can be deburred. Once all these steps have been completed, the next step is the final assembly of the folding hinge made of stainless steel or steel. In order to assemble the folding hinge, the central pin or bolt is required. This central pin must be made on a lathe. Often these pins or bolts have a shoulder or collar at the top. This serves as a stop during assembly so that the pin cannot fall out. If you now place the wings opposite each other and mount them, the pin can be pushed in. Now the folding hinge is ready and can be stored in our warehouse. If an online order comes in, we can pack the folding hinge and send it to you.

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