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Wing knobs are handles that have two or more wings. These Wing knobs are optimal to be enclosed with the fingers. Wing knobs are available in plastic, steel or stainless steel.

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Many people always ask themselves what exactly are wing knobs and how they differ from wing knobs, for example. So we thought that in this article we would like to explain everything about wing knobs in a very special way, so that you can see all the details that characterize such hand controls. We would like to go into more detail about how a wing knobs is constructed and how it can be mounted. Furthermore, we would also like to go into the material science that makes up a wing knobs and, of course, the stock that we have in stock for you if you want to buy wing knobs online at a reasonable price. Finally we would like to come to the production of such operating elements. We always let you start by explaining some construction details about a wing knobs. A metal butterfly handle is an ergonomically shaped hand control element, which, similar to a screw or nut, can make and break a connection by screwing a screw connection but without the aid of tools. Basically, a wing knobs, as the name suggests, is constructed like a wing knobs that has two opposite wings. These wings are constructed in such a way that they are slightly curved and therefore quite ergonomic. The advantage of these wing knobs is that when releasing the tightening of this handle, the thumb and index finger can engage safely and powerfully in the curved wing knobs elements to secure them to a component with a high torque. The wings of the wing knobs end directly at the grip head. This has a hole in the middle of the handle head with a threaded sleeve or directly a threaded pin. Such wing knobs can either be made completely from one element material or consist of two materials. These materials are usually plastics, normal steels or stainless steel as well as aluminium or zinc die-cast. In the case of stainless steel wing knobs, two alloys are used. On the one hand the stainless steel V2A or the stainless steel V4A. V2A is usually sufficient if the wing knobs comes into contact with normal water. However, if the handle is used near chemical elements such as acids and alkalis, it is advisable to always switch to stainless steel V4A. Only this type of alloy defies all chemical substances.

Our stock program of wing knobs - buy online in our online shop

Wing knobs Stainless Steel Plastic V2A V4AWith the constantly growing industrialisation and the technical revolution, plants and machines have become more demanding and have developed further with technical progress. To the same extent, the demand for manual control elements, such as wing knobs made of steel, stainless steel or plastic, has also continued to increase. To the same extent, the demand for such safety elements is also constantly increasing and must be served by the companies. We have also committed ourselves to this demand and provide our customers with many different shapes and sizes of wing knobs made of different materials. Thus we have created a possibility for all of our customers, no matter whether they come from Germany or the rest of Europe, to buy their wing knobs quickly and easily at low prices via our online shop. To ensure that the shopping experience is not clouded, security is a major issue for our web presence. Since we want all your stored data to be secure, we converted the entire website from the secure SSL certificate several years ago. This means even more security and an optimal encryption of all your data. So it is now no longer possible to simply access your data when your order is transferred to our merchandise management system. While we are on the subject of security, let us also lose a few words about the ordering process. If we may also welcome you to our website now, because you have found us via a search engine and searched for the keyword "wing knobs", we cordially welcome you. You now have the possibility to search for all your products and put them in the shopping cart in the quantity you want. Once you have done this, you can proceed to step two by opening an account with us and entering all your shipping details and billing address. Once this is done, the last step is usually the order completion. This follows from the shopping cart you follow. After a few clicks you will come to the payment methods you can choose and confirm your wing knobs by payment. If the payment process was successful, your wing knobs will be shipped via our storage system. After a few days, the package should arrive at your place, so that you can install the wing knobs on your component.

The production of wing knobs

Wing knobs Stainless Steel Plastic V2A V4AIn the last article, we will discuss the production of plastic or stainless steel wing knobs, so that you can understand the production process of these two different materials. Many of our customers already know the plastic or metal or steel or stainless steel wing knobs in detail, but surely some of you would have gained some insight into how a production can be created so that finally a finished wing knobs can be attached to a system or technical device. We would like to start with the stainless steel metal wing knobs. These are all-metal handles and can be produced almost exclusively by casting. This means that it is a metal wing knobs that has to be produced in a wax-loss process. For this purpose, the entire wing knobs is first designed on a CAD program and then a wax mould is produced using a wax printer. This can then be immersed in a cold mud bath and then burned out in a furnace by applying extreme heat. The sludge becomes very hard and the wax evaporates at the same time. Now a highly resilient shell has been created, which has the absolute outline of how the metal wing knobs will later look. Now the real work can begin and the hard mud layer can be poured out with a liquid steel or a stainless steel as V2A or V4A. When the steel has cooled down, the next process takes place, which allows the destruction of the outer form. Now the raw part of the wing knobs is finished and can be reworked. All contours are ground clean and polished to a high gloss if necessary. At the same time, the hole must be drilled into the centre of the wing knobs and the thread cut. The production of a plastic wing knobs looks completely different. Here, a metal injection mould has to be created, which mills the contours and produces the surface using a CNC milling machine. These two mould halves can then be folded together and clamped on an injection moulding machine and filled with the liquid plastic through an extruder injection head at high pressure. After cooling, the mould is opened and the finished wing knobs can be removed. All these parts can then be stored in our warehouse and shipped to you when your order is received.


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