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Knob locks are handles that can be locked. Knob locks can therefore be installed on machines and assemblies. A knob locks allows only certain persons to have access. Plastic or stainless steel or steel is used in the production of knob locks.

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Knob locks are a special type of manual control elements that have only recently found their way into technical progress. The requirements in the past were not yet so high, so that such Knob locks were not yet a real need. However, the times of technical progress have changed more and more in recent years and have progressed so rapidly that it was now time for us to use and install these lockable manual control elements in technical systems and machines. These requirements have made it necessary to secure certain areas in machines and systems with a locking system in such a way that only third parties have access to open the connection, who are also authorised by a key. In this article we would like to go into detail about the Knob locks, how they are constructed exactly and explain the mode of operation in more detail, as well as the materials used. We would also like to explain in more detail how these Knob locks are used in industry and how our stock range is structured, so that you can see which Knob locks made of plastic, steel or stainless steel we have in our product range. In the last, but not least important article, we will go into the production of such plastic Knob locks and describe the production on today's technical equipment and machines. We would also like to start with the construction of these manual control elements. Knob locks belong to the category of manual control security elements, which have a lockable unit installed or integrated at the head of the Knob locks handle element, which can be secured as required in such a way that unauthorised persons who do not have a key cannot open or close the connection without further ado. The head of such Knob locks can take on the most varied shapes, which can be triangular, wing or round-headed. Knob locks can be fitted to all these head elements to create security. The built-in lock system at the head of the Knob locks is such that when the Knob locks is closed, the bolt presses out downwards and is firmly locked in a hole in the component. As a result, the entire unit cannot be closed as the pin prevents this. If the key is now inserted into a Knob locks and unlocked, the locking pin retracts from the hole and opens the turning area so that the Knob locks can be unscrewed with hand and index finger. The connection is open. The same happens when the Knob locks is closed, so the Knob locks cannot be screwed into a connection. A perfect security solution in all technical installations and machines where, for example, hoods or devices must be secured to prevent unauthorised opening. The materials of the Knob locks can be plastic or steel or stainless steel (V2A or also V4A).

Our stock program of knob locks - buy online in our Online Shop

Knob locks Stainless Steel plastic V2A V4AAs Knob locks have a more prominent position within the security elements and manual control elements, the demand for these Knob locks with a lock has increased dramatically in recent years. This means that the industry that manufactures such plastic Knob locks can also safely supply the manufacturing industry that needs to install the Knob locks. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and so we have also decided to integrate such Knob locks with a security lock into our stock programme, so that the processing industry can quickly gain access to different Knob locks variations. This way we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their Knob locks quickly and easily in our online shop. This has a big advantage, because all our customers have the possibility to buy their goods fast and promptly, quasi around the clock, in our online shop at any time. So that the purchase or the shopping experience is not clouded, the topic of data security is crucial for us. So some years ago we decided to change the gasmte domain to the secure SSL certificate and thus create a healthy basis for a complete encryption by SSL certificate. This means that access by third parties is no longer possible, especially when your data can be transferred to the merchandise management system from a purchase of your Knob locks via the online shop. This creates more security in all areas. At the same time, we would also like to give you some tips on what can simplify the ordering process within our domain, so that you can quickly understand and implement the rough outlines of a smooth order. If you have found us via a search engine and the keyword "Knob locks", which we of course assume, you are now on our website and can look around for your Knob locks elements and put them in the shopping cart in the quantity you require. Once this has been done, you can proceed to the next step, which will enable you to create your customer account with us. This is quickly done. To do this, simply open an account with us in the login customer area and enter all your shipping and billing information and your delivery address and we can then purchase your Knob locks. If you would like to complete your purchase, please follow the shopping cart while logged in and after a few clicks you will be presented with a list of your payment options, from which you can choose one and complete the purchase with your payment. If the payment was successful, we can assemble the Knob locks from plastic or steel or stainless steel in our warehouse and make them ready for shipment to you.

The production of knob locks

Knob locks Stainless Steel plastic V2A V4AAs always, we would like to give you a little closer in the last section to show you how the production of modern Knob locks differs from the production of plastic Knob locks to the production of a stainless steel Knob locks and how this can be implemented cost-effectively using the latest technology. For many people it is not only interesting how Knob locks can be mounted and attached, but also how such elements can be manufactured. We would like to start with the head of a Knob locks, which can be produced in the basic plastic version or in the higher quality version as stainless steel V2A or V4A. The lock of a Knob locks itself is always installed as a purchased part and will not be discussed in this article. The head of a Knob locks is a low-cost element which is produced in the plastic version as an injection-moulded part. A form is milled into metal or steel, which has the complete contour that the Knob locks will later have. These two halves of the mould together make up the finished mould, which can then be injected in an injection moulding machine. When the injection moulding machine is now ready, the mould can be inserted. The mould also contains the threaded sleeve, which has to be overmoulded so that a threaded pin can be securely held later. When the mould is finished and injected, the mould can be opened and the finished Knob locks can be removed. There is a recess in the head that can accommodate the lock. Once it is mounted, the Knob locks can be stored in our warehouse. The production of a stainless steel Knob locks is slightly different, because this head is made of metal and will be produced by the wax-lost process. For this purpose, a negative part of the Knob locks is created and this can be dipped into a layer of mud to be burned in a kiln afterwards. The mud cover is burnt out and the enclosed wax evaporates in the same period of time. Now, after cooling down, the stainless steel Knob locks can be removed and sent to reworking. Now the pre-grinding and subsequent polishing takes place. In the last section the core hole is drilled and the thread is cut into the stainless steel Knob locks. These finished stainless steel or steel Knob locks can then be stored in our warehouse. If an order or a purchase comes now, we can assemble your product in our warehouse and send it to you.

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