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Door locks have been around for a very long time. They are indispensable helpers when it comes to locking a door tightly. Especially among the maritime articles, such door locks find tearing sales. There are two types of hooks and door locks made of stainless steel and steel, respectively, from which these door locks can be made. In the following text, we would like to go into more detail about door locks, what their structure is and how they can be manufactured.

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What exactly are door locks? Door locks are structures that take on a certain shape in order to fulfill a certain purpose. Such contours on the door locks are deliberately placed so as to provide a lock, that is, to fulfill the purpose. We distinguish in such latches for doors, in the production by a continuous wire by means of a bending machine or else from a casting, which is called investment casting with finishing. When it comes to the materials for such door latches, only two players ever come into closer focus. One is stainless steel because it is easy to machine and can naturally form a perfect surface texture. You can cast and mold stainless steel well. Steel or stainless steel is also a good choice for wire door locks.

Our range of stainless steel door locks - buy online in our online store

Door locks stainless steelToday, door locks can be found in every conceivable area. Of course, we were not aware until now that many customers are looking to buy the right stainless steel door locks or steel door locks. So we would like to provide you with a selection so that you can find the best stainless steel door latch for you. Doors must of course be protected by locks so that no one can open the door from the outside. This is done by the little helpers, which are still easy to use. Simply hook the hook of the door latch into the opposite part of the latch and the connection from the door frame to the door is made. There are various designs, would like to describe them in detail in the following article. But now back to the stainless steel and steel door locks. Most of our customers make themselves, if you look for door locks made of steel or stainless steel and enter the keyword simply there in the search of the search engine. Then you will automatically come to our website under the term of door locks. Once here, you can take a close look at all the articles of door locks. We will then list all the door locks we can supply you with, if these items are available. If an item, i.e. a door lock, is not available for purchase through our online store, you can contact us directly. If you have now selected your door lock, please place it in the shopping cart. If you would like to buy more items, please have a look at our website. If you would like to pay for the stainless steel door locks, please create an account with us in our online store. Afterwards you can order the door locks. If the goods are then paid, you will receive after the purchase a confirmation email with all the details and the article quantities of the door locks. Now we can send the deliveries to you and then you will receive the ordered door locks in your hands after a few days.

Stainless steel door locks for boats and yachts

Door locks are an ideal option for boats and yachts in particular to intercept doors and other space limitations in such a way that unintentional opening is no longer possible due to a door lock. Once the hook of the door lock is hooked, the door can no longer be opened from one side. If you now want to simply open the door again, all you have to do is remove the hook upwards from the socket and let it hang downwards. The door lock is now free again and the door can be opened again without any problems. Such door locks made of stainless steel not only look good in the high-gloss version, but also have a precise function. But more about this later in the following article.

The different stainless steel and steel door locks

Door locks stainless steel metalThe last article is about the production of door locks. In the production of door locks made of stainless steel and steel, we would like to bring you closer as a cast part production and as a wire bending part. We would like to start with the door locks with the wire bending part. This is always made from a continuous wire. For this purpose, the manufacturer must have a wire bending machine. This must be fed the program first. Once the program is loaded, production of the door lock can begin. Of course, the wire must be introduced on a roll in the supply store. After the start, the machine now starts the bending operations. After a few movements, the shackle of the door locks is now bent. Finally, the hook of the door latch is pinched off. The hook now falls into a storage container. If enough of these door locks are available, they can be electropolished. Subsequently, the door locks can now be stored in the rack. With the cast part as a door lock, the production looks somewhat different. Here, a mold must be produced which is then stored in a sand mold. Once the sand mold is ready for casting, the casting process can begin. Here, the blank of the future door lock is now cast. Once the blank has cooled, it can be removed. Now the finish is applied. Here, the outer contour is now brought to a good look by pre-grinding and polishing.


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