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Plate head screws have a plate as a head and thus received the name. Plate head screws are usually made of steel or stainless steel and can be installed quickly and easily.

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Many people are now looking for plate head screws. In this article, we would like to take a closer look at plate head screws, what they can be used for and how the exact construction of such screws can look in detail. Surely you, like many other visitors on our website, came to our site and found us through one of the major search engines under the keyword " plate head screws" or plate screws. Today, these screws also belong to the permanent use in many trades where wood is used. What we mean in detail are often carpenters and roofers, who work with rafters and have to screw them to a firm connection with the plate head screws. This type of screw is known to have several advantages over other types of screws, which are found in the large family of screws. This is not surprising, as these special screws can be screwed into rafters and beams made of wood without any disadvantages. But more about this later. Basically one can say that in the craft and in the industry a production of roof trusses with rafters and/or wooden beams as well as in the interior construction area, a production would hardly be possible anymore. Plate head screws have started their triumphal procession quite late, because these screws were developed only at the end of the 60s, so that in wood construction washers could be completely dispensed with. As always, these screws were developed out of necessity, when the heads of the wood screws had dug themselves too deeply into the wood beam structure. The cause was always a single problem. This problem was always a too small disc head or a normal head on the screw, which dug itself into the material almost hopelessly without a washer. So this problem had to be solved in an elegant way. Before, one could never do without washers. But with the ever-increasing number of roof trusses and other trades, a solution had to be found. There was simply no more time to first place a washer under each screw head of the wood screws and then screw the screw into the rafter. The plate head screw was drilled. Only this type of screw could solve this problem. No more washers and the head was designed as a plate. This disc head on the plate head screw was designed so that the bearing surface of the plate head was much larger. This fact alone allowed the pressure surface underneath the plate to be further reduced, so that the distribution of forces underneath the plate head screw was much wider. The result is, no more washers and no more indentations in rafters and wooden beams! The solution for all these problems was now solved by the birth of the plate head screw. The industrial revolution could begin!

Our stock range of plate head screws - buy online in our online shop

Plate Head Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ASo we noticed quite quickly that our customers all over Europe are greedy for plate head screws because they are super easy to process and can also be screwed into beams and planks quickly and easily. Nothing is pressed into the wood anymore, because the head forms a strong contact surface. The drive of a plate head screw is usually always a Torx drive and therefore there is no more "skipping" of the drive in the screw head. This is a very safe way of screwing the plate head screw quickly into hard wood. You can see that this screw offers a number of advantages that other screws cannot have. The material with which the plate head screws can be manufactured is usually always steel, which is then refined. This can be a nickel layer or even a chrome layer. However, with this metal screws it is not really guaranteed that the plate head screws can permanently withstand the humidity outside. Because this decomposition process is always a question of time. For this reason, stainless steel plate head screws have crept more and more into the assortment boxes of construction companies in recent years, because these screws are particularly well suited for outdoor use. As a rule, stainless steel V2A is always sufficient, but near salt water, V4A is a must for processing. So we give our customers with our website around the clock the opportunity to buy your stainless steel plate head screws quickly and uncopied from our online shop at a low price. So that the purchase of your screws is also afflicted with the correct data security, we have decided to change the entire website to the secure SSL certificate. This creates even more security when buying your plate head screws via our online shop. In the same breath we would also like to inform you how a purchase of our products via our shop can be done quickly. Surely you, like many of our customers, have come to us via one of the search engines and via the search term "plate head screws". That is beautiful! Now find all your desired goods and put them in the shopping cart in the quantity you need. If this ordering process is completed, you now have the possibility to create an account with us. Please enter your address data, which we need to send you the invoice and the plate head screws.

The production of plate head screws

Plate Head Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AOf course, you would like to use all possible types, sizes and lengths as plate head screws. But for this purpose these screws must first be manufactured in production facilities. Surely this is a chapter that most people do not know. The production or the manufacture of plate head screws! How these screws look exactly, you surely know, because you use these screws daily thousandfold, but many do not know how the production of such screws runs and which machines are needed for it. We would like to go into this in more detail. Basically, production requires machines that can carry out the processes in an automated way. In the past, very long, purely mechanical machines were used for this purpose, which were equipped with a disc control. Due to this robust construction, the failure rate was of course very low, but the production speed of the disc screws was also very low. The changeover times were also extremely long and so a large number of units had to be produced from one size of plate head screw. Today, the production processes run on ultra-modern CNC screw machines. These machines are specially designed for this purpose, so that economy and the speed associated with it go hand in hand. These CNC machines are controlled by a microcontroller and move servos to do the production of the plate head screws. The set-up times are relatively short, which is due to the fact that a program can be loaded which has all the parameters the machine needs to have the data to produce all screws quickly. Inside the machine there is the chuck, which is rotatable and allows most of the steps in the production of cup screws. Outside the machine is the drum. This houses the entire storage of the stainless steel wire, which has the thickness of the shank diameter. When this wire is fed into the machine, the machine can start after entering the CNC data. Now the first step is always to cut off the length of the shank. Afterwards the head is upset, which is possible by means of a pre-upsetting device. The plate is pressed on during this process. The wide plate collar is created. In a further work step, the entire plate head of the screw is pressed in. The drive is also installed in the head. Now only the thread has to be inserted into the disc head screw. This rolling process is carried out between two counter-rotating rollers. The screw is inserted under high pressure between the rollers and rolled. After this last working process, the plate head screw can be washed and freed from oil residues. Now all screws come into the warehouse and can be shipped.


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