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Notch pins are cylindrical or conical pins with lateral notches. This makes it possible to use Notch pins for blind holes. Steel or stainless steel is used for the production of Notch pins.

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Do you notch pins? Notch pins are, as today, more and more frequently found in mechanical engineering companies, but they differ with a small but important detail in their design from the cylindrical pins, which actually look the same and are cylindrical throughout. In this article, however, let us take a closer look at the application in industry and trade and the exact design and mode of operation of parallel pins. Nevertheless, we would like to deal with the topic of material quality. However, let us start with the application sites of notch pins. These are so indispensable today in industrial applications and in the manufacture of machines and technical equipment that it has become impossible to do without them. The whole thing has evolved from this because the precision of components, which must have a very specific position in relation to each other, has been continually extended over the last decades. So, please note that the more precise components have to be in a certain position in relation to each other, we are talking about a thousandth, the safer is the use of notch pins in components. But how does a notch pins differ from a notch pins? Basically, both have the same structure and their basic application. However, the notch pins usually always has three longitudinal notches over the entire cylindrical surface. These notches have a very special reason. This is intended when components have to be joined together in the correct position by a position lock, and the cylinder bore of one component is a through hole and the second bore in the component to be secured has a blind hole. The problem is then of course that these are notch pins, which are naturally manufactured with a certain outside tolerance and are finely ground. In principle, these notch pins are also notch pins that are equipped with longitudinal notches. If a notch pins were to be driven into a component to be secured with a blind hole, which was also designed as a fit, then this would be an undertaking that would not go well, because the two fits, on the notch pins and inside the fitting bend, would be so precise that when the pin is driven in, the air underneath in the blind hole would be compressed so much that the pin could not slip in any further. Now the function of the notch pins made of metal, or stainless steel or steel in the unhardened or hardened version is used. Due to the lateral notches on the notch pins, the air can easily escape when hammering in and the notch pins can easily be driven into the blind hole. As already mentioned, the following materials are used for notch pins in industrial applications. Firstly, the standard grooved pin is always made of normal steel. However, the industry continues to produce notch pins in V2A or V4A stainless steel.

Our stock program of notch pins - buy online in our online shop

Notch Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs we already informed you in the previous article, metal notch pins are always used in three different types of materials. On the one hand, there is the bare untreated steel, which can be installed as hardened version or as unhardened version. In the following, stainless steel notch pins are also increasingly used in industry, which are manufactured as V2A or V4A alloys. But also more and more private users need notch pins in various designs and materials. So we offer our customers the possibility to buy their metal notch pins around the clock in our online shop. While we are already on the subject of buying notch pins, we would like to point out again that we are also concerned about security. For this reason, we decided a few years ago to switch our entire website to the high-security SSL encryption system, which offers maximum security when buying metal notch pins and the other products in our range. It is now no longer possible to read out the data of one of your orders when exporting data to our merchandise management system and to access your sensitive data. What makes it even more difficult is that all this data of the purchase is encrypted. Have you also found our website via one of the major search engines using the keyword "notch pins". Sure did! Then we welcome you very warmly. Now take all the time in the world to find the right selection of notch pins that you need for your construction. Choose all sizes and lengths you need and put them in the shopping cart. Once you have stored all the goods in the basket, you can now create your guest account or a long-term customer account. Simply open a login area and enter all the data, such as your address and email. Once you have selected and compiled all the crayons and you would like to complete the purchase, the only thing missing is payment for the products. Just follow the shopping cart information and you will be forwarded to the different payment options. You only have to choose a payment method and confirm it by your payment. If the payment of the notch pins in our online shop was successful, you will receive an order confirmation from us. Now we will also become active for you and process your purchase.

The production of notch pins

Notch Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4ACertainly everyone knows the metal notch pins, which can be made of steel or stainless steel and installed. You have already been able to learn exactly how such pins are constructed. But how it is with the production of metal notch pins of all kinds. Have you already received detailed information about this? Certainly not yet, that is why we have decided to give you a closer look at the production process of steel notch pins in this category as well. In order for all these notch pins to be used in industrial production, it is important that they can be manufactured on machines. Today, CNC automatic lathes with a loading system are used for this purpose. These CNC lathes are designed so that they must be loaded with a CNC program for the production of notch pins. All data and parameters for the machine operation are stored in this program, so that all speeds and feeds can run at the intended speed. When the machine is now ready and the raw material is stored in the loader as strand material (in the diameter of the notch pins), the production or the manufacture of notch pins can begin. For this purpose, the machine simply takes the raw material as the first strand of steel or stainless steel into the processing chuck. Then the first step is to drill a hole in the notch pins, if the pin is to be given a hole. Then the thread is cut. Once this production stage is complete, the outer surface is cylindrically ground to the fit dimension. This makes the surface smooth and very fine so that it can be mirrored. The fit is created and is also checked. Now the longitudinal notches are inserted into the pin by means of a built-in milling device. This notch is usually found on three sides of the notch soft. Once all these manufacturing steps have been completed, the chamfer is still attached and the notch pins is cut off the remaining material. Afterwards, this cut-off side is also chamfered and can be washed and cleaned. Once all oil residues have been removed, the notch pins are packed in packages and can then be stored in our warehouse. If an order arrives from you, the notch pins can be packed and shipped to you.


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