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Coarse thread screws are also screws that have a thread. However, such screws have a very coarse thread, which is often used in steel construction.

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What kind of screws do you think of when you hear the word "coarse thread screws"? Many of our customers ask themselves this question and have asked us if we could create a separate article for you which describes and documents everything about the coarse thread screw, so that all other users can also see what this term exactly means. We would like to go even deeper into what a coarse thread screw is and how it can be constructed. Where such coarse-thread screws can be used and, of course, which materials such screws are made of. In the following section we will of course also get to know which stock assortment we have for our customers and which types of screws with a coarse thread can be bought cheaply from us. For all those who want to know more, we have as always set up the last section, which also explains in some sections how coarse thread screws can be manufactured. This will give you an overview that will take away your fear of buying the wrong screw at a low price in our online shop. We would like to start with how such a screw with a coarse thread is constructed. Such coarse thread screws, like all screws, have a head, which can have a countersunk head or a lens head or a completely different shape. In the front area, the drive is always in the centre. This can be designed as a Torx drive or as a cross-slot drive or as a hexagonal drive. The shaft with the coarse thread on the screw is directly connected to the head of the screw. This coarse thread ends with a tip that can be screwed into all soft materials. The coarse thread has very protruding flanks which are sharp and have a large pitch between the flanks. All screws in this large group are designed for a single use. For all soft and somewhat harder materials, such as all types of wood and plasterboard or even plastics or chipboard in the furniture industry, coarse thread screws can be used. As a rule, pre-drilling is not necessary before assembly, because the drill tips on the coarse thread screws pull themselves into the material virtually by themselves. Pre-drilling is only necessary if the material is too hard and only the flanks of the screw are cut into the material. The materials used for coarse thread screws are always the better and more resistant steel with the appropriate anti-rust coating, so that corrosion can be delayed. If you want to use a completely resistant screw, you should prefer the stainless steel V2A or the alloy as V4A. As a rule, stainless steel V2A is always sufficient when installing coarse thread screws. However, if you live near the sea, you should always use stainless steel V4A, because it is resistant to salt water, alkalis and acids.

Our delivery program of coarse thread screws - Buy online in our online shop

Coarse Thread Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AEspecially the coarse thread screws made of steel or stainless steel are the screws for soft materials, which can celebrate their rebirth and are no longer missing in any furniture joinery or dry construction company, because only these scrub hoods with the coarse thread and the large flanks as well as the large pitch. These types of screws are designed to bury themselves in soft materials and form a strong bond with wood or plasterboard without tearing. So that we can also supply our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe with such coarse thread screws made of stainless steel, we have set up this category so that you can buy all our products cheaply. However, this is not always so easy, because we attach great importance to the right protection device to protect your data in our online shop. This is only possible if SSL encryption is installed, which we did some time ago. All your deposited data, like the email or the delivery address and also the invoice address are protected with it, if you buy yourselves your coarse thread screws over our on-line Shop favorably. When handing over your order data to our merchandise management system, it is no longer possible for third parties to access the data. In this context, we would also like to briefly explain what an order process should look like when you place your order via our website. Surely you have found us over one or the other search machine, because you have entered the search term coarse thread screws. Then you are already in the desired category of screws with the coarse thread. You can now get an overview of all the different screws with the coarse thread. If you have now found what you are looking for and would like to buy the cheap coarse thread screws from us, you can now add them to your shopping cart. Please simply indicate the quantity you need. You can now continue shopping or simply pay for the coarse thread screws. To do this, simply open a new account and enter all your data. If this first order section is completed, you can now go back to the shopping cart, where your coarse thread screws are stored and have the opportunity to follow the Next button. After a few steps you will be shown a selection of payment options which you can use to purchase your coarse thread screws. If this procedure was successful, you will automatically receive an order confirmation from us.

The production of coarse thread screws

Coarse Thread Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AArrived in the last section, it is again about the production of coarse thread screws from stainless steel (V2A and also V4A) as well as from steel, which is provided with a coating. For many, this last section is certainly not uninteresting, because it is certainly an advantage to get a glimpse of how production can proceed. Here we would like to briefly touch on the older production process of coarse thread screws, as well as the production on modern machines. The older machines were slow but produced in a steady way and without much downtime. Programming was only possible via cam plates, because these machines consisted exclusively of mechanical parts. By the way, these machines are still in operation today at some small screw manufacturers. Nevertheless, many of the manufacturers have to keep up with the times and concentrate on the modern part of such machines. These CNC-controlled machines are controlled by a CNC program in such a way that the parameter list for all controls must be fed in for the production of coarse thread screws. The machine is connected to a loader for bar stock and thicker diameters and to a drum loader, which is used for winding the endless material. Once the machine is set up and the parameters loaded, production can be started. Now the stainless steel wire can be inserted into the machine and first the calculated length of the wire is cut. Now the pre-pressing of the countersunk head at the shaft takes place. Then a second press test is carried out, which finishes the head of the coarse thread screw. The drive is also pressed into the screw as a Trox or as a hexagon or cross slot. Now the tip is turned. The next step is to roll the coarse thread on the screw shaft. This process is related to pressing the screw shank between the thread rolls. The resulting pressure is used to get the coarse thread on the screw. Now these steps can be done automatically and repeatedly until enough of the coarse thread screws have been produced. Now all screws can be stored in our warehouse. If an order is received from you, your order will now be processed and shipped to you. After a few days you should receive the package with the coarse thread screws and can install them.


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