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Square head screws are called so because these screws have a square aks head. So a spanner can be attached to this square head screw and the screws can be tightened.

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Today it is supposed to be about the very special square head screws, which of course, like all screws, belong to the large family of fasteners and fixing elements. But square-head screws have a serious difference to the normal hexagon head screws or the hexagon socket screws. In order to give you some more information about these very special screws with a square, we would of course like to focus on the following topics in this article, as always On the one hand, we would like to take a closer look at the exact structure of a square head screws, as well as the different materials from which these safety bolts can be made. Furthermore, we will deal with some details regarding the places of use and their application. We certainly do not need to go into further details about the assembly, because this is the same as with any other type of screw. Finally, and not really the least important point, is the production of these very special safety screws. We would like to start with the construction of the individual square head screws and their possibilities. This screw has a drive head which is equipped with a square. So four side faces. At the transition from the head of the square head screws to the shaft, it is possible to continue without a collar or with a collar. If there is a collar at the screw head, it is in heel, a ring, which increases the bearing surface at the screw head. This reduces the surface pressure and the head does not "dig" into the material during assembly. Without collar, "scraping" and indentations can occur. The thread of the square head screws is located on the shaft. The end of the shaft is either a straight end or a shoulder or core shoulder. Whatever you need. These screws are mainly used in mechanical engineering and plant construction, where a certain type of security is required to prevent unauthorized persons from opening these screws. To increase the security of this type of screw even more, the screws are usually located in a countersunk hole, so that the head is only accessible via a nut. So you need a special square nut to open and close the screw. Also some hobbyists and hobbyists have discovered these screws for themselves and are increasingly integrating these square head screws into their applications. As a material for basic square head screws, these screws are mostly used as bare steel or burnished or galvanized. Those who of course also like it to be corrosion-resistant and who attach importance to the fact that no corrosion occurs, choose square head screws made of stainless steel. Two alloys are used for stainless steel. On the one hand it is the stainless steel V2A, which is usually completely sufficient or the even better V4A stainless steel. This alloy also defies salt water and chemical substances such as acids and alkalis without any problems.

Our stock program of square head screws - buy online in our Online Shop

Square Head Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AWe have also been able to tell you a lot about the square head screws made of steel or stainless steel. So the demand for steel square head screws and stainless steel square head screws has also increased enormously in recent years. This is no wonder, as the industry has also increased the demand for special screws due to industrial progress. So also the dealers have to adapt to the increasing demand for square head screws and be able to supply the industry with the necessary screws quickly and easily when the demand is correspondingly large. So we have also adapted our online shop to the increasing demand and upgraded it in the questions of security. So we offer all our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their square head screws quickly and easily at low prices through our online shop and to continue shopping around the clock. So that shopping can also be very relaxing and easy, the subject of security is also a big issue for us. For this reason, we decided some time ago to convert the entire website to the secure SSL certificate. This has the advantage that your data is also safely stored and cannot be accessed by third parties. Especially when exporting data, the security is now at its highest, because your data is now completely encrypted. While we are now on the subject of security, let us also say a few things about the purchase of square head screws when you buy goods from our online shop. We now assume that you have found us via a large search engine on the Internet (search word "square head screws") and welcome you to our website. You can now take your time to look at all the products and simply add the desired quantity to your shopping cart. Once you have completed this first stage of the order process, the second stage will follow and you can now create your customer account or guest account. Simply open a login and enter all your data. If this process is also completed, the almost final step follows, when you have all products and square head screws in your shopping cart, which will suggest all payment options to you if you continue to follow the online shop, where you can now choose the best one for you. By pressing the "buy" button you confirm your purchase and complete the payment. If the process was successful, you will now receive an order confirmation from our server. Now also the employees in the warehouse can assemble your goods and send them to you.

The production of square head screws

Square Head Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn this article or section, as always, we will also go into the production of the individual square head screws with or without collar in more detail, because this part is also an interesting part that will give you a closer look at how the production can be carried out exactly. Surely you know best how the assembly can be done or how the square head screws with or without collar can be mounted in steel or stainless steel. Most people know a lot about the different types and versions of square head screws, but most people know almost nothing about the production or the manufacturing. In order to be able to produce these special screws, modern machines with CNC control are required today. These machines have the advantage that an economic production can be guaranteed and a certain thread speed allows to increase the production. Another important aspect is also the quality of the individual square head screws. These screws are always produced on CNC screwing machines because they are optimized for the exact characteristics. Outside the machine, there is usually always a loader which can provide the machine with the necessary round steel or stainless steel bars. Once all data have been loaded and parameters set, the production of square head screws can begin. In any case, the first step is to mill the square into the screw head. If the screw also gets a collar, this collar is also created in the same process, when the screw is turned down on the shaft. In the next step the thread is rolled into the screw shaft. This process takes place in the middle of second metal rolls, which have hardened thread rolls. Between these rolls the actual thread rolling porosity takes place. If the screw also gets a shoulder or a core, this is also tightened in the same breath. In the container inside the machine, all virgin screws are collected until they are full. Now all screws can be cleaned from their oil residues and stored in our warehouse. If an order from you arrives in our online shop, you now have the possibility to order the square head screws in our shop. If we have kept your order, your screws will be assembled in our stock and shipped to you.


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